WoT: More tanks

Something has been niggling away at me in World of Tanks for some time. I thought about it some whilst I was away in Denmark, but didn’t write anything about it in my introspection post because it was really an aside to what I was mostly saying there, and I hadn’t made my mind up. Now I have though. I want more tanks.

Well, I have lots of tanks. More accurately, I want to retain more tanks. I have had this idea of progressing up various lines, and along the way sold off some tanks I rather enjoyed – 75% crews and all. The more I think about it this seems silly. I also realised this was something I had already subconsciously realised back when I decided to retain the M4 Sherman and T-34.

Most of the tanks I feel sorry to have sold on are Tier V and VI vehicles, and also I was not looking forward to getting rid of the KV-4. I may or may not move on their crews onto the next tank in the line, and then retrain another crew, but that is the situation.

The limiting factor in all of this is garage slots. As of writing I have just one free garage slot. Of course I have already bought the T-150 and re-acquired the Stug III, partially following this new philosophy. Given that I am now going to keep the KV-4 that remaining slot belongs to the ST-I, whenever I can afford it. However, I also have three slots currently occupied by Tier III vehicles where I have already bought the next Tier IV tank, so they will come free in the near future. I can almost certainly also free up another 2-3 slots if needed by various tricks, and by making somewhat greater use of my barracks. I intend to hopefully acquire 1-2 more garage slots in the next sale.

This gives me some flexibility to re-acquire tanks I miss, but I cannot quite go to town just yet. There is going to have to be a distinct pecking order of which tanks get priority. Top dog in this regard will be the S-35 CA. I am also inclined to get back the Panzer IV, partly because it is such an iconic tank, and partly because now perhaps time has dimmed the memory of the old pre-7.5 era vehicle and will allow me to appreciate the modern vehicle for what it is. Also, the Somua SAu-40, because with the derp gun that tank can be wonderfully mean to its opponents. Possibly the M3 Lee and Jagdpanzer IV one day as well. One will notice a definite theme of TDs or TD-like vehicles 🙂 . To begin with though I am likely to just look out for the S-35 CA and the Panzer IV.

One consequence I anticipate of this policy is having more vehicles able to take advantage of the various earnings’ bonuses of the special offers. This extra earning power will both help to feed increased use of premium ammunition (and possibly one day consumables) and also mean less time waiting around for new higher-tier tanks. Another likely consequence is giving me much more flexibility should I ever wish to get involved with more team-play, such as joining a Clan and/or getting involved in TCs or similar.

Anyway, in the new year probably I will see if I can take advantage of a garage slot sale to dramatically increase my garage size, which will then let me properly indulge.

  1. FooWasHere said:

    Sometimes it feels like I’m hoarding tanks; got 90 in my garage right now (and 20 free slots!). And of all the possessions I have, this horde bothers me the least. They take no space, require no attention and is of no bother if I move. At a discount, the cost of a garage slot is comparable to a biscotti to your coffee. The tanks represent nothing but the time spent and an affection. So why not keep them?
    That’s how I think at least.

    • stnylan said:

      That is a very good way of looking at it!

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