KSP: Career mode engaged

Another of the things that happened whilst I was away on holiday was that the 0.22 update was released for Kerbal Space Program. The chief feature of this update was the release of the R&D system for the game, and with it the launch of the Career mode. So naturally I immediately started up a new game in the Career mode, and I am loving it so far.

The basic operation behind the new game mode is easy enough: you start off with an extremely limited set of parts to build you spaceship. As you launch missions you can conduct experiments and the like which earn you Science points, which you use to research new technologies, which unlock new parts. There is still no in-game economy, so you can just go ahead and do whatever with the parts you have, but never the less a very exciting first step in this new mode.

I do not think I am going to abandon my Sandbox game yet however. Firstly, the career mode still is incomplete. I do not think I will play “seriously” at it until some form of economy is up and running. However I will tinker around, trying stuff out, getting ready for when I do give it a thorough go.


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