Gaming: Weekly Roundup 12/10/2013

Well, pretty much only played one game this week – World of Tanks of course. Otherwise I spent a bit of time watching what I could of the LDS. Unfortunately all but one of the teams I was rooting for lost, but that happens. Not that I will get to watch much of the LCS or World Series – the timings generally just do not work for me on this side of the Atlantic, and we are away again for most of the next week so will just be following what is going on via the written word – though if we have semi-reasonable mobile reception (doubtful) I may try to listen to some audio. Here is hoping the Tigers and Dodgers meet when we are back from holiday.

World of Tanks

Well the main aim I had in this spell of time between the two holidays was playing through the remaining Tier III vehicles. This I have managed to do, albeit not entirely to be my satisfaction. I would dearly like to get an Ace Tanker medal in the D2 and Panzer I Ausf. C. The latter is troublesome as I know a lot of good players regularly play that tank, and so raise the bar somewhat. Also it is a tank that I am finding an interesting challenge – it very much fits into the “scout tank” profile that I struggle with, so all in all very good experience. The D2 is just a very frustrating tank to play.

I also wished to come to come conclusions about the KV-1, VK3001H, and VK3002M. Well I have decided definitely to retain the KV-1, just having absolutely loads of fun at the moment. I am leanings towards keeping the VK3001H as well for the time being. A very different tank to what it was of course, but still a great ride. The VK3002M does remind me of the VK3001H, only “more so”. I am probably going to keep it around too for the time being, but I am less attached to it than I am the others.

I have also been playing the Panzer VI Tiger a little, trying forlornly to get the Ace Tanker. Mostly this went well – but then last night I lost six games in it. Typical. A couple of the loses were very good losses, and the one win I got was absolutely brilliant, but still not enough. Clearly I am not playing the Tiger to its full potential since my damage ratio is only about 0.8/1. I die too cheaply.

I will have very limited playtime this week coming up, so mostly will only be playing tonight until next weekend. Tonight going to try to earn some credits on the tanks in the special, and finally get the Cruiser III crew over 100% (currently 99%).


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