WoT (EU): Steel Warrior Weekend Special

The special this weekend is reliably solid, but not earth-shattering. Certainly one I will be taking advantage of to boost my credits however. It is exactly the best sort of non-historically themed offer. It runs the usual Saturday morning to Tuesday morning.

The most important thing of the offer, from my perspective, is doubled crew experience for all tanks in all battles. This is actually implemented as a Mission – it was on the Subsequent missions tab of the Missions dialogue all week. That is quickly becoming a way to sneak-preview some upcoming specials.

Then we have a number of Tier IV and V tanks available at a 50% discount and with a 50% earnings boost: M3 Lee, T1 Heavy, Panzer III, Stug III, KV-1, Type T-34, Matilda, AT 2, AMX 40, and BDR G1B. The Tier IV premium Valentine II is also available at a 50% discount, and the Tier VII premium AT 15A is available at a 30% discount.

This is a good selection of vehicles. Indeed I may take this opportunity to re-acquire the Stug III to see if I can do a bit better in it this time. However I am sure I will mostly try to get some games in on the Panzer III and KV-1, and I will probably also use this opportunity to acquire the Matilda. I already own the Valentine II, and while I would like to pick up the AT 15A at some juncture right now I do not feel any particular inclination to do so.

There is also a 50% discount on barracks slots, and an extra mission called Fearsome Fortress. It simple enough – each Steel Wall medal earned changes the double crew experience into triple crew experience.

All in all a very good offer, with ample opportunities for profit.



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