WoT: Three purchases

Well, I have taken advantage of the special offer discounts to acquire three new tanks. This is at least one more than I had planned for, but I decided just to take advantage of the offer whilst I could. This does mean my credit total has been reduced somewhat, which may delay my acquiring of the ST-I for a short while, but probably not too long.

The first tank I bought was the SU-100Y. I thought long and hard about the SU-122-44, but eventually passed it over. Firstly it was much more expensive. Secondly it was a matter of crew training considerations. The SU-122-44 has four crew – Commander, Gunner, Driver, and Loader. The SU-100Y has six crew – Commander, two Gunners, Driver, and two Loaders. Most later Soviet TDs have five crew – Commander, Gunner, Driver, and two Loaders. Therefore the SU-100Y allows me to train an entire TD crew, plus at least one extra gunner, and sometimes an extra loader depending on the details – whereas the SU-122-44 would not even allow me to train an entire crew of a later tank.

As a consequence of getting the SU-100Y I decided to buy the SU-100 at the discount. It is the next step in the Soviet TD line, and with the new premium I have a good training vehicle. I will sell off the SU-85B probably quite soon and when I do I will probably transfer that crew to the SU-100, but I am going to see if I can get an Ace Tanker mastery badge for the Tier IV TD before I do so.

The final tank I bought was the discounted T-150. I skipped the T-150 when I was going up the KV-line of heavy tanks – by the time 7.5 hit I had already researched the KV-3. The KV-3 remained unlocked when it moved to Tier VII, and I just ignored the T-150. The completionist in me has always wanted to get in some games on it however, to try it out. Now I have that opportunity – but I will need to train up a new crew for it. I don’t anticipate keeping the T-150 longer-term, indeed I intend to probably re-acquire the KV-1S to research out the MT-25 at some point, and generally get another heavy crew trained up for when I progress up the IS line.

  1. Hi there,

    Greetings for your new premium.

    As my account needed one new month of premium, I bought at 19.95 Euro, 30 premium days, 3500 gold and 100k silver. I saw these Russian TDs at 50% discount and I bought SU-122-144 at 3350 gold. You have right SU-100Y is better at crew training but I don’t have intention to start my trip to Object 258 any time soon. I just wanted to not lose the opportunity.
    I played only two matches with this TD and is fun to play in it. It have a medium tank mobility, torn very fast and own a 122 mm gun similar with IS one, but fire at 6,75 seconds with ventilation and rammer, which is amazing DPM potential. 175 mm penetration guns will go through sloped armor but lower penetration guns will bounce. Is good money maker especially when you meet lower tiers. No preferred MM so you can meet tier 9 tanks.

    Have fun,


    • stnylan said:

      Yes, pretty much agrees with what I was thinking. I really like the look of the SU-122-44, and hopefully I will be able to use it at some point.

      • I just played a very good match in a third battle with ISU-122-144 in Malinovka map. More than 3k damage, 8 kills, Radley Walters and Top Gun medals, together with mastery class . MM was sent from heaven I think, as were only tiers V – VII, I killed one AMX M4 45 and one IS ( practically out DPM them), I one shooted several low tiers tanks across the map, even I killed one ELC AMX in full speed from 300 m. All my 15 shoots reached the targets and 14 have done damage, one was detrack.
        I’m very happy with my new acquisition and here is a lot room for improvement, as this game reward me with only class mastery badge. So, many players do better with this fun tank.

        Have fun,


  2. It’s about second class mastery badge in my above reply. Some edit rules took 2 out from my message. 🙂

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