Gaming: Weekly Roundup 5/10/2013

Well, since our return to England I have mostly just played World of Tanks, and very much enjoying myself. Playtime has been slightly impacted due to falling ill, but it happens. Looking ahead there should be fairly regular gaming in the coming week, though due to two new additions to the wider family it is quite possible there may be a very pleasant interruption or two. After next weekend we are away again for a few days – our first holiday just us three as a family where we are not going to visit other family! Really looking forward to that.


The other game I played this week was Skyrim, for just one session. It has been quite a while since I last logged into Skyrim, and in truth I did not achieve all that much this time around either. Mostly I just went back to Riften to hand in a quest. I am trying to decide whether to do a few more things in the Riften area or to head back to Whiterun for the coming conflagration.

World of Tanks

Most of my gaming these last few days has been tank related. Firstly I have come to the decision to keep the KV-1 – been playing a few games in it again and just really captured the feel for the old dear. Meanwhile I have also been playing the remaining Tier IIIs. Finished off playing the Type 2597 Chi-Ha, and also gotten the Ace Tanker in that and the Medium Mark III. Finding the D2 an especially frustrating tank to play. In comparison the Panzer I Ausf. C can be very exhilarating to play, but also quite tricky. Going to take some practice getting used to that peculiarities of the little speedster.

For the rest of the coming week I will continue to play the Tier IIIs, plus I am also getting a few games in the VK3001H and VK3002M. Also with the Interactive Special next week being on the Comet line I intend to try and get a few games in on the Cruiser Mk III to get the crew trained up a bit.

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  1. Bernard said:

    Seems my skyrim didn’t survive unscathed after all… the weather is wonkey and the followers are outright insane.
    Reinstalling will be in order 😦

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