WoT (EU): Sputnik in Space Special

Well, back in the UK and down with the traditional post-holiday cold. Poor Melian has a temperature, and my wife and I are both heavy with snuffles and neck-deep in tissues. Still, life goes on and it is time for another special on the EU server, which is a not-so subtle proclamation of Soviet achievement. The offer therefore concentrates on Russian tanks and only Russian tanks (with three semi-exceptions), plus a few other extra odds and ends.

Firstly, the tanks on offer – at a 30% discount and with a 30% earnings bonus: MT-25, T-34-85, T-150, KV-2, KV-1S, SU-100, SU-8, KV-13, T-43, IS, KV-3, SU-152, SU-100M1, S-51, and SU-14-1. In addition there are a selection of premium tanks on a 50% discount – the Valentine II, Matilda IV, Churchill III, T-127, SU-100Y, and SU-122-44.

There is also a mission associated with the non-premium vehicles that are part of the offer: kill five enemy tanks in one of these tanks in a random battle you will get fifty thousand credits.

There are three other parts of the offer – a triple experience bonus for the first victory in each vehicle, a 50% discount on garage slots, and a discount on the three and seven day premium options.

There was a little bit of controversy about the premiums – at first they appeared on the EU website as having a 30% discount whilst an otherwise identical offering on the NA server had them available for a 50% discount, but then the EU page was brought into line. At a 50% discount I must admit the SU-100Y is very tempting. Otherwise I am sure I will take out the KV-2, but in honesty that is likely to be the only regular tank I use to take advantage of the special. Otherwise I may well acquire more garage slots.

Overall I would say this is another solid offer – a good A.


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