WoT: Premium wishlist September 2013

Some time ago (back in February) I wrote a list of the top ten premium tanks that I was interested in, ignoring cost. Well, times have moved on. Some of the tanks on that list are now in my garage. Also there are now quite a few more premium tanks than were available back then. So it seems a good enough time to draw up a new list.

Since this is a wish-list I am ignoring my actual ability to purchase, essentially looking at three different angles: whether it scratches by completionist itch, whether I think the tank might be fun and interesting, and whether I would have a use for it for crew training. Just to complete the background, the current premium tanks I own are Panzer B2 740f, Pz 38H 735f, Pz S35 739f, T-15, T-25, T1E6, Ram-II, LTP, T-127, M3 Light, Valentine II, Matilda IV, Churchill III, and KV-5.

1. M22 Locust – Tier III American Light – 900 gold

There are several reasons why this one is now first on my list. Firstly it is a low-tier premium, and I already own most of the premiums Tier V and below. This would get me closer to completing the set. Also given its small size and speed I think it would operate much like a scout tank would, and therefore be good training for me the player. Also, there is just something about the idea of this small very light-weight tank that just appeals to me. Irrationality perhaps, but that is ok.

2. 8.8cm PaK 43 Jagdtiger – Tier VIII German TD – 10000 gold

This pick is ultimately all about the desire (need?) to have a tank destroyer premium to train my German tank crews. It is also about the desire to have an alternative Tier VIII premium to the KV-5. Given I have generally enjoyed and had great success with tank destroyers, I do think I would end up using this tank quite a bit.

3. Excelsior – Tier V British Heavy – 1500 gold

Given I have not yet progressed to the British heavy line this is jumping the gun a little bit, but this would give me another solid Tier V premium option and also have a tank in play to help train those British tank crews. Plus, I just like the name.

4. T14 – Tier V USA Heavy – 1500 gold

Again, this one is partly down to the desire/need to have a premium to help train American heavy crews. However, it also here because I just have no desire to own a T34. Finally there is that completionist element again in acquiring another Tier V.

5. Panther M-10 – Tier VII German Medium – 5750 gold

The interest in this tank is almost entirely due to its backstory. That may be a silly reason to spend real money on, but there it is.

6. TOG II* – Tier VI British Heavy – 3500 gold

Having now seen the mighty TOG at Bovington, I must admit to just wanting to get this tank for the humour value alone. On one level this would be a remarkably silly purchase – everything I read about them suggests that the TOG is best played as part of a platoon whereas I would almost certainly be solo most of the time. On the other hand I have so far liked slow, large tanks and the TOG II is the epitome of the large slow moving heavy.

7. E-25 – Tier VII German TD – 6700 gold

As I understand it this tank is modelled as a tank destroyer in game as a best-fit as it did not really fall easily into any of the tank classes. Which is reasonable – it seems like a cross between a scout and a tank destroyer. It looks like a lot of fun, if one can avoid suiciding oneself. Plus of course it would be another German TD crew training option.

8. Löwe – Tier VIII German Heavy – 12500 gold

Money-maker, crew-training, and German – what is there not to like? Technically I already have a German heavy premium – the Panzer B2 – but that tank is not the best for crew training (the crew consisting of a Commander, Driver, and two Radio Operators – go figure). The Löwe does not have such issues.

9. FCM 36 PaK 40 – Tier III French TD – 850 gold

On one level this tank does not interest me at all – I play a Tier III tank destroyer every night on the same basic design. However, it does have two very particular selling points. Firstly that part of me that just wants to lay claim to all premiums Tier V and below, and secondly it would give me a vehicle to help train French TD crews. That last is actually the biggest reason why it is on this list at all.

10. T2 Light – Tier II USA Light – 750 gold

If the preceding tank made the list because of its usefulness, this one claims the last place on the list solely due to my completionist nature. Oh there are other low-tier premiums out there, but if I had managed to get both the T14 and M22 Locust this would be the last American low-tier premium available. For a Tier II it gets unusual matchmaking – being able to go into Tier IV battles. That would be a bit of a gameplay challenge I think.

Fall off this list from last time for reasons other than purchase are the AT 15A and the SU-122-44. Essentially the final two picks stole their places. Also just missing the list would be the SU-100Y and Dicker Max. I guess I just have a hankering for tank destroyers.

On the opposite side if the field I just have no interest in the T34, as mentioned above. Also the Sexton I seems kind of silly with its crew configuration, and the Matilda Black Prince has a poor reputation (indeed, overall I think the British premiums as a whole carry a somewhat negative rep for one reason or another). Also I have no interest currently in the IS-6 thanks to already owning a KV-5.

The rest I have not named are just kind of “meh” for me at the moment.

  1. Hi there,

    Nice list of premium you own already. Regarding the wish list, please let me put my two cents based on my humble experience.

    Premium tank must have two qualities, money maker and crew trainer. In my opinion tier VIII tanks are best suitable for this purpose. Of course I have lower tier premiums but as collateral results.
    As recently I enlarged my list of premiums tanks, I will give you my impression about them:

    Lowe – my first love. First premium tank, bought when I researched Tiger II. Amazing gun, with great precision and great penetration. 235 mm allow you to hit even their X weak spots. Also have good HP pool (1650), turret and upper hull plate can bounce some tier VIII shoots and side scrapping work on some degree. Is the ultimate tier VIII sniper and in top of battle list can be a brawler.
    I used with VENTS, RAMMER and VERT STAB. With this configuration and BIA reload time is 9.9 sec. Great money maker, it receive 10.000 silver only for showing in battle. Great trainer for Germany HT, only E-100 have on loader more, so must be switched.

    JT 8.8 – I want the second premium and my first attempt was to buy IS-6, but this bundle (JT 8.8, Panther M-10, Dicker Max and 30 days premium) torn me away. The offer was 1.3 of IS-6 price and I couldn’t resist it. So a tank destroyer, I never was fan a turret less tank, I stopped my German TD line after I rage sold my StugIII. But now I grind in Tiger P my way to Ferdinand, with less than 70K XP remaining. JT 8.8 have six crew members so is suitable for all German TD line. About the tank now, JT 8.8 have the faster variant of 8.8 L 71 gun (known from Tigers), shooting at 4.55 sec with VENT and RAMMER, better accuracy and aiming time. The armor is amazing for its tier, with 250 mm upper structure and 150 mm slopped upper hull plate, you become a rock if succeed to hide your lower plate and you could hold a flank on your own at this rate of fire. About the rock, this tank is anchor, you cannot relocate it and if an enemy tank arrive near you is over, don’t bother to turn it. Automatic fire extinguisher it’s a must.
    Amazing money maker as ammo is cheap like hell. Limited MM, JT 8.8 can see only tier IX tanks.

    Panther M-10 – My E-50M line crew trainer (40k XP till E-50). First Ace Tanker from the above bundle. Practically is Panther 1 with 75 L 70 gun and limited MM, can see only tier VIII tanks. You have only 130 average dmg but less than 4 sec reload time. Good money maker for a tier VII tank.

    Dicker Max – Played just few battles by curiosity with 75% crew skill. Here we speak only about gun, 170 pen and 300 dmg at tier VI is great and -15 depression transform you in king of the hill. Without hills or double bushes you are useless as your paper armor and low HP will not save you during long reload time (around 8 second).

    IS-6 – I’m stubborn and also I needed one crew trainer for IS-7 line (IS-3 atm) so I bought the tank. My impression, IS-6 is a troll tank with his limited MM. Really, you only hear ding, ding and ding. Angle and side scraping work amazing, this thing is Steel Wall emblem printer. With IS last gun and less than 10 sec reload time you have amazing DPM. Some time is needed to load APCR, but you will make profit even you shot only that. I play it with RAMMER, EGLD and VERT, because aiming time is bad. Now is bearable and is one of my favorites. Acceleration is good, but it turns slow (clutch braking can help).Only 4 crew members, so not optimal for IS-4 line.

    T34 – my bad investment ever, as I bought 12.000 gold to buy it :P. I want a crew trainer for T110E5 line (T32 atm) and in the last three months, it never was in gift shop. After a party euphoria, I said wtf and that was, I have it now.
    I really don’t know to play this tank. I thought that Indien Panzer have bad aiming time, but T34 is worst. 3,4 sec mean that target can even repair the tracks and disappear before you are fully aimed. After aiming you just find the bad dispersion. Over 100 m, you can hit one of two shoots. It remind me the KV-1S last 122 gun before 8.6. Reload time is like forever at 4 round per minute.
    T34 have 1500 HP and a great turret, so hull down tactics works. Also it’s gun have the highest penetration at tier VIII (248 mm) and high damaging shot (400 dmg) if hits land. I play it with VENTS, EGLD, VERT and Cola, because is the best variant to compensate that horrible aiming time and to increase my hit percentage. So no reason to load faster if I miss frequently. Because of high damaging shot, it is a good money maker. Two – three penetration shoots and you pay for everything. Also no really need to shot gold ammo.

    I have also low tier Tetrarch which come with T34 as bundle and LTP1, but I haven’t played these little tanks.

    From your wish list I can recommend also E-25. This is turret less light machine gun. It seem an ELC AMX with StugIII gun, but firing two times faster. This tank have also amazing camo rating, I was killed from 150 m and I didn’t saw anything. Can be fun playing it, but not so good crew trainer it had only 4 members if I recall correctly.

    Have fun,


    • stnylan said:

      Hi Xantya

      Many thanks for your great comment. I do agree that, going solely by money-making and crew training the Tier VIIIs are the best, I just happen to have a couple of other criteria 🙂 I am not expecting the finances to work out for me to get a Tier VIII any time soon, but a Tier VII is a possibility.

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