Gaming: Weekly Roundup 20/9/2013

In many respects this is a very truncated posting. In the last week I have basically only played two games, and not all that much of those, for a very good reason: I am writing this from Denmark where we are currently on holiday vistining my in-laws (and me trying to take the opportunity to improve my halting Danish).

Nevertheless, I have a little down-time, and computer access, so it seems reasonable to make this post at more or less the usual time. Needless so say however do not expect much posting for the next little while.

World of Tanks

On Saturday I played 32 matches – which is the most matches I have played in a single day for a very very long time. I came out with an 18-14 record, which was reasnable. In particular it might I completed that mission to get 15 victories. I was also about 2/3 of the way to getting 50k experience and complete that mission – but I decided not to turn an otherwise enjoyable day of tanking into a chore.

Perhaps along the same line I ended up not playing World of Tanks on either Sunday or Monday, but I did get in a few games on Tuesday before we flew out on Wednesday. This allowed me to achieve both my goals for this week – getting my Tiger P elited, and also getting my Marder II crew to complete training their third crew skill. Now the long grind for the 4th skill begins – though I am realistic enough to know it is possible I will never complete it – I probably would not complete that skill before the end of 2014 at the earliest. Lots of things might happen between now and then.

Meanwhile I am taking the opportunity of the holiday to re-assess where I am in World of Tanks and what I want to do moving forward. I did the same the last major holiday I had. I am not entirely certain yet, but I think it will involve the Marder II, one German project (probably either the Ferdinand or the Panther), the ST-I, finishing off  the Tier III project, and then one other line which I have not yet decided – plus whichever tanks I want to play on the day or are nudged towards by the special offers.

Kerbal Space Program

I cannot post a screenshot from where I am typing, but I have landed a Kerbal on the Mun! I took the ridiculously overpowered launch vehicle from my refuelling stop, and replaced the refuelling pod with a lander design. Probably quite a poor lander design – it contained a bit more liquid fuel and a lot more RCS fuel than it actually needed for example. Still, finesse can come in the future – the main thing is we got out to the Mun, orbited, separated, and got the lander on the ground. Our Kerbal walked and jetpacked around a bit, planted his flag, and then began the more interesting job of redocking to orbiting part of the craft. This took much longer than it should. The first problem was getting a decent encounter – I fluffed my first chance when I accidentally burnt in the wrong direction when trying to match orbits. Once I did match orbits (after checking what I did wrong on the wiki) I then spent ages in a fiddly dance. My lander appeared to have a slightly odd centre of mass making it very hard to line up or something. I ended up switching to my orbiter eventually, and made a comparatively simple docking on just the second attempt with that. Getting back to Kerbin from there was relatively painless.

I am undecided about what my next project for KSP should be. I think it will either be sending more or less the same orbiter/lander design to Minmus, perhaps with a few tweaks; or to try an interplantery probe. I sort of have a potential interplanery probe already in orbit around the sun, with a potential encounter with Duna plotted out. I am fairly sure I have the fuel to get the encounter (but I could be wrong) but I don’t think I will be able to secure an orbit (less likely to be wrong). More food for thought whilst I am away.


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