Weekly Roundup 12/9/2013

Not much to say really this week. The wedding we attended was a lot of fun, though unfortunately there was a bit of a family feud evident in the family of the other side which cast a bit of a shadow. The main thing however was that two people joined together. Melian really enjoyed herself. She stayed up to 9pm, and would have forced herself to stay awake longer if we had not taken her off to bed. She was so enthralled with everything, with the people and the food and the music – and most especially with the helium balloons. I took her “dancing” as it were a little bit too which made her smile and laugh. All in all a great experience. The consequence of course was less gaming over the weekend, but some things are more important than gaming.

World of Tanks

The big news of course is 8.8 being released yesterday. For the week I have a 29-25, which is okay. I haven’t played much on the regular Tiger, choosing to concentrate on the Tiger P which I am hoping to elite before we go on holiday. This should be easy enough since I have less than 10k to go, though I did have a string of defeats which has been a little dispiriting. Especially that Tier IX Siegfried Line Assault (when we were defending) an idiot player kept insulting me and blamed me for the loss when I was facing a Leopard PTA and Tiger II at the end. Still, came up top of the experience list on that battle, which warmed my heart a little.

I have also now fully upgraded the Type 2597 Chi-Ha. I am finding it quite a fun tank to play. From facing it I had formed the opinion it could be hard hitting and this is certainly true. Also I have taken the M8A1 out for a spin. I had already played this tank a bit, and now I have unlocked everything apart from the top radio. Since that takes 9k experience it will take a little while. So far I am more or less successfully containing my aggressive streak in it, since even more than the SU-85 this is a vehicle that can find itself ahead of the pack and surrounded by enemies. As for the SU-85 had some good matches as I continued to train the crew up a little.

Of course with the release of 8.8 I played a bit on the redone VK3001H as well as its Tier VI replacement VK3002M as detailed yesterday. Finally my Marder II crew now has less than 20k experience to go to finish out the third crew skill. I may make a push to finish that off before our holiday too, but that depends a little bit on my mood.

World of Warplanes

Had more fun mucking around at Tier II. This was the last time I got to play in the game before its official release. I look forward to playing occasionally in the “real” game moving forward. It will strictly be a supplementary game however, since I think Tanks suits me better.

Kerbal Space Progam

Another goal achieved – I set a small refuelling pod up in circular orbit, for a potential future interplanetary probe. However, I realised that by accident my rocket design has serious potential as a launch vehicle for putting Kerbals on the Mun. It might also be a good vehicle for launching interplanetary probes too, making the actual mission itself slightly redundant!

This is one of the things I have come to love about KSP – the fact that whilst engaging on one task you get these fortuitous developments.


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