WoT (EU): All-Rounder Special

Having neglected to write about the offer that went on mid-week I am determined to get something out about this weekend’s offer. I will not be able to take too much advantage of it, as we are going to a wedding, but it looks like a very decent offer. It runs the usual Saturday morning to Tuesday morning. By all accounts 8.8 is around the corner, so this offer is a great chance to get ready for when it hits.

The first big note is that all non-premium Tier V tanks are available at a 50% discount and have a 50% earnings bonus, and all Tier VI non-premium tanks are available for a 30% discount and benefit from a 20% earnings bonus. This makes it both an excellent time to earn some credits, but also to try out a few new vehicles, or revisiting some old favourites. In particular one should be able to earn back the Tier Vs quite easily.

The offer does not entirely exclude premium tanks: the Matilda IV, Ram-II, T-25, Matilda Black Prince, and Panzer IV Schmalturm are all available at a 50% discount. I cannot speak for the last two, but I count the first three vehicles as all being a lot of fun to play, and well worthwhile. The Matilda is a slow beast, but relatively hard-hitting and well-armoured. The Ram-II is like a seriously beefy Sherman. The T-25 is a speedy medium able to get in position to flank with a decent gun.

There are also 50% discounts to garage slots (yummy) and crew training / re-training. Especially if one is expecting to play around with the new tanks in 8.8 this is an excellent time to expand the garage.

There are two missions associated with the special, one of which will be rather easier to achieve than the other. The first is called “A Job Well Done”. On paper it is simple enough – win 75 random battles during the duration of the special. Of course, even for someone with a 60% win rate this means fighting 125 battles, or 150 battles for someone with a 50% winrate. Far from impossible totals over three days, but well out of reach for the casual gamer. For such effort I must say the reward is kind of paltry – a single day’s premium and 10 Automatic fire extinguishers.

The second mission looks to be altogether more fun. It is entitled “Lucky 7s” and, in random battles, requires you to win 7 battles, survive 7 battles, and kill 7 tanks. It nets a reward of 70,000 credits and is available once a day. This looks far more achievable, and far more likely to fall within the scope of the average tanker.

The final element of the offer is double crew experience for each battle – a very nice little extra.

Of course there are the monthly missions available too, and the other supporting offers, but I am afraid I do not have time to go into them tonight. Generally I think this weekend’s offer has a lot going for it. Hopefully I will get a chance to benefit from it during its second half. Overall B+.


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