WoT: Weekly Roundup 5/9/2013

On Monday morning someone a person in a mobility scooter was killed by a car very close to where I work, just up the street. Not very far up the street. It is quite remarkable how knowledge that someone was fighting, and lost, their life just outside had a sobering effect on the atmosphere. Something speaks perhaps to our common humanity. I must admit the effect has lingered a little longer for me – such things often do. One of the side effects of my Asperger’s is that things can sometimes linger. Generally I managed to deal with this tolerably well by playing games. I didn’t write a blog post because my thoughts kept going back to the accident, and to plenty of “what-ifs”. In my case sometimes I just do not process emotions very well, and that can mean things get “stuck” as it were. Like with all mental health conditions one seeks ways to manage this. Well, I coped with the immediate situation by distraction – be it Melian when she was awake, World of Tanks, or something else. Now I have a little temporal distance to be able to write this little intro to this post which hopefully will help discharge some of the intensity. Hence why this little intro to today’s post, that will hopefully allow me to move past it.

I have done a fair bit of gameplaying this week, mostly in just three games – World of Tanks, World of Warplanes, and Master of Orion 2.

World of Tanks

The Panzer VI Tiger is elited! The Tiger P has a little further to go. I am playing reasonably on both tanks, but nevertheless I do feel like I have struggled a little. I have had another mini-losing streak on the regular Tiger, and on the Tiger P. In most of my games in both tanks now though I am feeling I am doing at least “average”, and quite often significantly better than average. Bad luck in my teams, or just plain bad luck. Last night in particular was a very bad run over several tanks – originally I stopped playing with a 2-7 record. Later in the evening I fired up the game again and ended at 6-9, which was a substantial improvement!

My Marder II crew is now at 99% on the final crew skill – only between 26k and 28.5k experience to go (depending on crew-member). My SU-85 has also been elited and hit 100% – I am going to play it a bit more try and bump the experience on the crew higher a little so that when I retrain it for the next Soviet TD it starts closer to 100%. Also with the Ram-II I am continuing the train a American medium, most of which is now in the low 90s. I also climbed back into my KV-5 for the first time in a few weeks, and whilst the first game was an average loss the second game really reminded me of the fun I have in this tank. Will aim to be more play-time in it again.

I haven’t written about the special offer that has been running in World of Tanks this week for the reason mentioned above, but I have taken advantage of the 50% discount on consumables and equipment, spending just about 2.5 million credits. I was getting quite low on small first aid kits and small repair kits. Safe to say that is no longer the case. I also stocked up with some of the more expensive equipment.

World of Warplanes

Played a bunch of Tier II battles with a friend. Had a sense I was getting a better hang of the game – certainly I seemed to end up on the tail of enemy planes a little more often. My own aiming is moderately poor however. I think when this goes live at the end of the month I will just restrict myself to one nation’s tree – probably the Germans (until the Brits are released). Since I have a premium World of Tanks account I get premium status in Warplanes too, which will make the grinding easier.

Masters of Orion II

Been indulging myself in this golden oldie. First game was a relatively easy victory. The second game had a tricky moment near the start, but in many respects the challenge of this game has been logistical. I am still playing it now, long past the point when I could easily win through diplomatic or military victory, just to have fun with the internal story I have.

Next week

Going to a wedding this weekend that will naturally impact my gaming. My priority is going to be World of Tanks of course, but no set plans after that.


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