WoT: September2013 Report


So, this update covers both July and August – though in reality over the last two months I have played less games than I did in May. I also think the next update of this nature I write for World of Tanks will be in another two months due to a wedding, holiday to Denmark to see family, then a short holiday just Melian, my wife and I (our first ever proper holiday together) – and also the imminent arrival of two cousins means some more interrupted playing.

As to the actual game-playing, the greatest portion of my time has been taken up with playing both Tiger tanks. There have been some ups and downs to this, and it has taken me ages to get the hang of the Tiger P especially, but I am now at the point where I am thoroughly enjoying both tanks. My other research projects these last two months have been the AMX 38 (completed), Valentine AT (completed), SU-85 (just elited), and M6. A lot of my playing however has been on tanks which are already elited, or some premiums.

To repeat a point, my gameplaying has been interrupted and uncertain, and this has been reflected in the figures. I will talk about this more after all of those, but essentially my winrate has bounced up to above 56%, dropped to about 55.75%, and is now back almost where it started. Hopefully I will continue to improve as things settle out, but it is possible that I am starting to plateau at my current ability level. Time will tell.

What I have not done is yet acquire the ST-I. I certainly have the credits now, but I am going to put that off until the latter part of October when all my various holidays / family events come to an end. Overall I do rather feel that taking on two German higher-tier tanks for research at the same time has been a somewhat exhausting experience. By that I mean it hasn’t really given me much time to pursue other higher-tier tanks I am interested in. I think once the Tiger project is complete I will restrict myself to one German tank research project at a time, like I did previously. That will allow space for the ST-I/KV-5 and also space for one other “main” research project, plus perhaps a lower-tier project or crew training project on the side.

Amongst the things I have never gotten around to writing was my visit to Tankfest. I do still intend to write that up – with pictures – but realistically that might have to wait until after the holidays as well.

Garage Trip

Type 2597 Chi-Ha (Tier III Light Chinese) – researching. Just played a single game with this last night, a successful first game that (thanks to the x3 bonus) allowed me to upgrade the tracks, turret, and gun.

AMX 40 (Tier IV Light French) – unplayed. I am looking forward to this vehicle on Tier IV match-ups, not so much no Tier VI 😀

D2 (Tier III Medium French) – unplayed.

ARL V39 (Tier VI TD French) – unplayed.

Leichttraktor (Tier I Light German) elited. Done a little work on getting Brothers in Arms – but still a long way to go.

Pz38H735f (Tier II Light German) – premium. Unplayed in July and August.

Panzer I Ausf. C (Tier II Light German) – unplayed.

T-15 (Tier III Light German) – premium. A couple of fun games.

VK1602 Leopard (Tier V Light German) – elited. Only had a single game. I have intended to play more, but then “stuff” happened.

Pz S35 739f (Tier III Medium German) – premium. Not yet played.

Panzer III (Tier IV Medium German) – elited. Still great fun.

VK2001D (Tier IV Medium German) – unplayed.

T-25 (Tier V Medium German) – premium. Unplayed in July and August.

VK3001H (Tier VI Medium German) – elited. Sadly this tank is about to undergo a major change. Time will tell if its replacement is going to be worth keeping, but in all honesty I am not expecting it.

Panzer V Panther (Tier VII Medium German) – unplayed.

Pz B2 740f (Tier IV Heavy German) – premium. Unplayed in July and August.

Panzer VI Tiger (Tier VII Heavy German) – fully upgraded. Only 8k experience to go until elited. My favourite of the pair, though recently I have had some unfortunate losing streaks which has put my win rate below 50% on this vehicle. While frustrating in quite a few of those games I reckoned I played quite well and came out of the battles feeling pretty good.

Tiger P (Tier VII Heavy German) – fully upgraded. Quite a bit longer to go to being elite than the regular Tiger – about 23k or so. I do feel I have “gotten” this tank a bit better recently, and unlike the regular Tiger I have earned the Ace Tanker medal. Even had a team-mate call me a hero in that game, which was nice.

Marder II (Tier III TD German) – elited. Reached 1200 games played, and the third crew skill is now at 98% and with only about 7k to 99%. I am looking forward to completing this particular grind – though of course the next one starts immediately afterward. In all honesty I am not actually certain I ever will complete the grind for the fourth crew skill – if I am still playing World of Tanks in another 18 months I suppose it is possible 😀

Hetzer (Tier IV TD German) – elited. Had an opportunity to get some good games in with this recently. A very enjoyable tank to play. A very real menace. The HE derp is still an absolute killer.

Ferdinand (Tier VIII TD German) – unplayed.

GPz MkVIe (Tier II SPG German) – unplayed. The new Tier II German SPG I acquired to go through the new vehicles. Have yet to actually get around to doing that, however.

Hummel (Tier VI SPG German) – elited. Really should try to play SPGs more often.

Cruiser Mk III (Tier II Light UK) – elited. Unplayed in June.

Covenanter (Tier IV Light UK) – unplayed.

Medium Mk III (Tier III Medium UK) – fully upgraded. I am actually looking forward to when I get around to playing through this one. I figure it will be a lot of fun.

Alecto (Tier IV TD UK) – elited. Will be selling on shortly.

T1E6 (Tier II Light USA) – premium. Still not played.

M5 Stuart (Tier IV Light USA) – fully upgraded. Not played in July and August.

M4 Sherman (Tier V Medium USA) – elited. Decided to keep it, and having some fun doing so.

Ram-II (Tier V Medium USA) – premium. Had some games as I am training up a crew up for the M4A3E2 Jumbo Sherman.

M6 (Tier VI Heavy USA) – fully upgraded. Just researched the top gun – though not yet had a game with it. If there is one thing this tank has been lacking it has been penetrative power. Something that looks like it will be rectified in that final gun.

T40 (Tier IV TD USA) – unplayed.

M8A1 (Tier IV TD USA) – researching. Not played in July and August.

M3 Light (Tier III Light USSR) – premium. Tankfest bonus tank.

T-127 (Tier III Light USSR) – premium. Not yet played.

LTP (Tier III Light USSR) – premium. The Anniversary present. Not yet played.

T-70 (Tier III Light USSR) – elited. Played a few games on this in July, and in no hurry to move onto the T-80.

Valentine II (Tier IV Light USSR) – premium. Not played in July and August

T-34 (Tier V Medium USSR) – elited – though in 8.8 there will be another tank to research from it so keeping it around until then.

Matilda IV (Tier V Medium USSR) – premium. Not played in June.

T-34-85 (Tier VI Medium USSR) – unplayed.

Churchill III (Tier V Heavy USSR) – premium. Not played in July and August.

KV-1 (Tier V Heavy USSR) – elited. Had a couple of games. Something to take out when there is an earnings boost.

KV-2 (Tier VI Heavy USSR) – elited. Boom-tank.

IS (Tier VII Heavy USSR) – unplayed.

KV-4 (Tier VIII Heavy USSR) – elited. I have essentially stopped playing this has my game-time became limited.

KV-5 (Tier VIII Heavy USRR) – premium. Only a handful of games. My vague plan is, once I have retrained the KV-4 crew, to play quite a few games to get them closer to 100%.

SU-85B (Tier IV TD USSR) – elited. Played a few games to work on the crew, which will eventually become the crew to the second USSR TD line.

SU-85 (Tier V TD USSR) – elited. Elited last night. Will write up a report later this week with any luck. Thinking about doing so has lead me to the understanding my struggles in this tank were much the same as my difficulties in the Stug III way back when. The difference is these days I am a better player, so perhaps the Stug would not be such a disappointment now.

SU-26 (Tier III SPG USSR) – researching. Not played in July and August.

Bought this month: D2, Valentine AT, GPz MkVIe, AMX 40, Alecto

Sold this month: Universal Carrier 2-pdr, AMX 38, Valentine AT

Facts and Figures

Overall figures:

Battles Participated – 5703 (+297)
Victories – 3192 55.97% (+165 -0.02%)
Defeats – 2452 42.99% (+130 +0.04%)
Draws – 59 1.03% (+2 -0.02%)
Survived – 1700 29.81% (+77 -0.21%)

Destroyed – 6978 (+383)
Hit Ratio – 68%
Damage – 3,426,420 (+213,582)
Total Experience – 3,012,103 (+185,885)

Old Efficiency – 1250 (-3)
New Efficiency – 1187 (unchanged)
WN6 Rating – 1303 (+8)
WN7 Rating – 1340 (+11)
Average Tier – 4.63 (+0.03)
Average Kills/Battle – 1.22 (unchanged)
Average Damage/Battle – 601 (+7)
Average Kills/Death – 1.74 (unchanged)


Bilotte’s Medal – 1
De Langlade’s Medal – 2 (+1)
Halonen’s Medal – 7 (+2)
Kolobanov’s Medal – 2
Pascucci’s Medal – 4
Radley-Walter’s Medal – 2

Brothers in Arms – 1
Defender – 17
Patrol Duty – 13 (+1)
Invader – 1
Scout – 16 (+2)
Sniper – 242 (+22)
Steel Wall – 89 (+5)
Confederate – 33 (+2)
Top Gun – 104 (+6)

Master Gunner – 27
Hunter – 2
Reaper – 7
Kamikaze – 7 (+1)
The Lion of Sinai – 1
Sharpshooter – 39
Cool-Headed – 14 (+4)
Lucky – 2
Spartan – 15 (+3)

Abram’s II Class 3430 to go (-74)
Carius’ II Class 3022 to go (-383)
Ekins II Class 2630 to go (-29)
Kay’s II Class 485 to go (-21)
Knispel’s II Class 3,902,277 to go (-409,986)
Lavrinenko’s II Class 23,634 to go (-374)
Leclerc’s II Class 21,755 to go (-126)
Popel’s II Class 13,283 to go (-393)

Top 10 Tanks Overall:
Marder II – 1153 (703-441)
KV-1 – 362 (192-165)
KV-5 – 351 (197-150)
KV-4 – 217 (112-101)
Hetzer – 176 (99-77)
Jagdpanther – 161 (90-70)
Panzer IV – 160 (104-56)
KV-3 – 151 (85-63)
M4 Sherman – 139 (78-61)
Hummel – 127 (66-59)

Top 10 Tanks in Garage:
Marder II – 1201 (735-456)
KV-1 – 362 (192-165)
KV-5 – 351 (197-150)
KV-4 – 217 (112-101)
Hetzer – 176 (99-77)
M4 Sherman – 139 (78-61)
Hummel – 127 (66-59)
KV-2 – 126 (69-55)
Panzer III – 121 (61-58)
VK3001H – 101 (56-45)

Top 10 Tanks in July/August:
Panzer VI Tiger – 56
Marder II – 48
Panzer VI Tiger P – 39
SU-85 – 32
AMX 38 – 15
M6 – 14
Hetzer – 11
Ram-II – 11
Panzer III – 9
T-70 – 8

Total Number of Tanks played in July/August: 25


So for the first time one of the various performance ratings – the old-style efficiency rating – is lower now than in the previous report. Also for the first time my kills/match and kills/death stay the same. When I mentioned I might be plateauing, this is what I meant. There are a couple of possible reasons for this, outside of the very interrupted nature of my gaming for all of July and the first half of August. Firstly I played a lot of both Tigers, which has very much been a learning experience. That means I had some very unsatisfactory battles – especially with the Tiger P. At the same time I more or less stopped playing with the KV-5. That means all my “higher-tier” games came from vehicles I was less capable with – something that logically should make an impact.

However, the narrative of the interrupted gameplay is very strong – in particular the drop in win rate particularly occurred mid-July to mid-August when things got very sketchy for a time in terms of tanks played. Since then things have recovered, which would make sense, and it feels like I am playing better in both Tigers.

I do note that, even though the old/new efficiency ratings were mostly flat I continued to show moderate increase in WN6 and WN7, and a modest increase in damage/match. This leads me to hope I may be able to break out of the current morass.

Note that my Survived rate went down again – this appears to be the part of my game that needs to improve the most I think. The logic is simple – the longer I stay alive the longer I can have an impact on the battle, the more damage I can potentially do, the more kills I can potentially get. Essentially it will impact every other statistic. I just need to stop doing fool-hardy things. Easier said that done, but that is surely my challenge for the rest of the year.

  1. one comment on the VK30.01H: I’ve tested it on the test server, and it’s a nice heavy for Tier 5; it’s no longer so mobile, but it’s armour is decent and the gun is good; and the replacement Tier 6 medium, the VK30.02M, is *very* nice – I’ve been playing a lot of german Tier 6 mediums on the live server with good results, and the the 30.02M is better than all of them. So I wouldn’t be too worried about the forthcoming changes to the VK30.01H, if I were you.

    And one comment on your previous post: where I currently live, vakantie (vacation) is the word everyone uses to describe their holidays; it’s not just an American thing, it’s also a Dutch thing, probably also a German thing, given that Dutch is just a derivative of German :p. As an Australian, ‘vacation’ grates on my ears as well, but it’s not just an American thing, it’s also a European thing.

    • stnylan said:

      I suspect it might still be a yank thing – influence of NATO military bases and Hollywood. Thanks for the info on the VK-tanks. Good to know

  2. Hi there,

    Greetings for very good stats. Some of them are amazing 242 Sniper and 104 Top Gun, that mean the WR ratio not come from luck.
    I come closely with the number of battles, 5493 at this moment on principal account, but I’m far stats wise. While I succeed to get over 48% WR after a lot of struggling below, Sniper medals I have something over 100 and less than 20 Top Gun.
    Is strange that my total damage is higher than your (3.467.740) and also average damage (631.25) according with Wotlabs. The one explanation can be from average tier 4.63 your and 5.93 main, as is easier to do more damage in high tiers.

    My garage is now looking like that:
    Tier VI : KV-1S, T-150, Dicker Max TD Premium
    Tier VII: Panther, Panther M10 Premium, Tiger I, Tiger P, T20, T29, T-43, IS, KV-3
    Tier VIII: Panther II, Indien-Panzer, Tiger II, VK4502 A, Lowe premium, Jagdtiger 8.8 premium, IS-3
    Tier IX: E-75

    I wish you more achievements in future and a lot of fun doing that!


    • stnylan said:

      Thank you for the kind words!

      The difference in damage can indeed be explained by the difference in average tier. There is just more damage available to do in a Tier VII battle compared to a Tier III (for example). Doing 600 damage in a Marder II is actually quite difficult.

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