WoT (EU): End of the Vacations Special

That sound you can hear is my teeth grating and the gratuitous Americanism in the special offer title. Holidays. They are called holidays. Vacations make you sound like a class-conscious numpty using what you think is fancy language out of a mistaken belief it makes one sound posher. It comes from the same stable as serviette, settee, and toilet. The rest of us use napkins, sit on the sofa, and go to the loo – and have been enjoying our summer holidays!

Ok, mini-rant (not entirely tongue-in-cheek) over, what about the offer itself? Well, there are some nice elements to this special, but what it comes to what looks like the “central feature” I must confess being a little underwhelmed. We’ll get to that. The offer itself runs the standard Saturday morning to Tuesday morning.

What I think is the meat of the offer (though not the central feature) is simple enough: all Tier III and IV tanks have an 80% credit earnings bonus. No mention if this also applies to premiums – usually they do not but it is not specifically excluded in the announcement. Whilst these tiers are not the money spinners Tiers V and VI are, nevertheless there are serious credits to be made here – especially on Tier IV. Note that there is no tank discount, which is a minor negative, but only minor.

In addition the first victory of the day with each vehicle will give a triple experience bonus instead of the usual double. Also there is a mission for when you earn the Patrol Duty battle honour and destroy two vehicles you will get 50% more experience.

There is one element of the offer, and here it comes down to a matter of perception. It is the mission “The Summer is Gone”, and the explanation takes up most of the special offer page. It looks massive. It isn’t. While note bad, compared to how it appears on the page it is sub-standard. If you win a battle on a “summer” type map you will get a 20% boost to credits and experience – if you have the summer camo equipped. Now that honestly is not bad at all – and there are a lot of summer maps. I mean A LOT of summer maps. Indeed currently there are only six non-summer maps in the entire game. Just six – compared to twenty-five summer maps. And listing all those maps is what takes up the space. It may be petty of me, but I think the page could do with some editing. It also nicely demonstrates the total disparity of map-types by season in the game, which I certainly hope Wargaming address in the future.

Note that you do have to buy the summer camo to seek to benefit from the offer. You might say that this is a cynical attempt by Wargaming to entice people to acquire gold camos. Well, I am sure there is some marketing involved here – trying to get people to try out camos to see if they like them and so entice them to get a gold camo down the line. However, given one can pick up 7 days of camo for a relatively paltry amount of silver this should generally be a no brainer.

Overall I think I rate this is a B-. The wide range of tanks with an earnings bonus is good (all Tier III and IV), but the lack of any tank discounts is a bit disappointing, as is a lack of any ancillary services discount like garage slots, camouflage, and so on. Indeed, given the above mission I would have thought this was a perfect special for a camo offer, but clearly they decided not to. For how they presented the offer though I have to mark it down as a D.


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  1. Hi there,

    I think you forget about 250k credits after 15 victories, which in my opinion is easier to obtain than 300k credits after 30 kills. This is big “+” for me.

    Have fun


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