Gaming: Weekly Roundup 21/8/2013

Decided to switch these posts to Thursday as a general rule, as usually of course I am writing about the WoT special offer on most Fridays so this means I don’t put so much “workload” on one evening. Otherwise this week continues to see the return to a more ordinary pattern of gaming.

World of Tanks

Not quite as much tanking as I was doing 2-3 months ago, but probably the most regular week of tanking I have had since the start of July. The Marder II crew is at 98% and over half-way to 99% on their third crew skill. Also last night managed to get another Halonen’s medal. My standard of play with both the regular Tiger and Tiger P continues to improve, but my win-rates are still comparatively poor. In particular I have had some losing streaks with the regular Tiger that have seriously depressed my win-rate in that tank lately. I am still prone to making some mistakes in both, particularly expecting it to take more damage than it can. I suppose that is a side-effect of my introduction to heavy tanks being the Soviet KV-line. Also enjoying the SU-85, though I have a tendency to be a bit over-aggressive with it. I seem to recall I had the same problems with the Stug III back in the day. Platooned one evening with a friend at Tier IV – I was in my Hetzer and had a blast. Literally.

World of Warplanes

Also played a bit of this with the same friend. I do not find it as appealing as tanks, but it is fun enough. I can see it being a nice game on the side once it goes live. Still mucking about at Tier I.

Tropico 4

Played a few more missions in the main campaign. This is very good light entertainment, and should work get very busy again I can see this helping lighten my mood.

Kerbal Space Program

Success! I successfully docked two spacecraft in orbit. It took quite a while to get the hang of things, and I am sure the next time I try will have its own excitement – but it was good fun finally getting the two craft lined up and docked. Quite an excellent feeling. The evidence is below.


I then played around a bit in the Vehicle Assembly Building trying to make a BIG ROCKET. Let’s say none of my designs lasted very long 🙂

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