All in all the last week has been the most relaxed I have had in a month. Most wonderfully so. This has reflect in my gaming, which has been somewhat more extensive than at any time in the last month. I don’t expect the current quieter (NOT quiet) patch at work to last, but at least it is allowing me to catch up on some of the backlog. In gaming terms it has allowed a greater freedom and variety.

I meant to post this yesterday, but unaccountably forgot to press the publish button, so while it appears on Saturday it is current from Friday.

World of Tanks

The last week saw some good successes, including more actual winning. My Marder II crew is now at 98% in its third crew skill. For the longest time I thought I would reach 100% for that in August. The paucity of my play has put that date back a bit, but not by all that much as it turns out. I should be able to achieve the milestone in September. Matters continue to progress with both the Panzer VI Tiger and Tiger P and I figure I am over half-way to eliting both tanks. The Tiger P has began to be a bit of a better fit, though I still prefer the regular Tiger.

For other tanks I am half-way to eliting the SU-85, something I should manage this weekend given the x5 special offer. Also last weekend I managed to platoon with a couple of friends for a bit, one of whom was working his way through a Tier VI, so I played my M6 and managed to research the turret. This weekend I am going to try and get some play-time in to take advantage of the special to get the top gun, as it does distinctly still feel underpowered.

Kerbal Space Program

Not much really, just setup another attempt at docking. I think the key is going to be patience.


Well I completed what I presume is the penultimate quest of the Thieves’ Guild Storyline, but haven’t actually been back to Riften to cross the last t, as it were.

Master of Orion 2

Played through a quick game of this, which ended up with me on the road to defeat. Good fun though. Once day I am going to have to try and find a more modern space 4x that I like. Admittedly I have not tried very many, but there has to be something I would like made since MoO2 right?


The particular reason I did not play as much of anything else as I might have this week was Tropico 4, which I finally dived into. I loved the first Tropico, but never played Tropico 2 (though I have it on Steam) or 3 (which I do not own). So far this does very much capture many aspects of the feel of the first game, and it still feels like a game that both can be serious in terms of gameplay but always with a knowing wink. While there are some greater complexities from before nothing that is off-putting. So far I am just playing along the campaign. I do not know if that will hold my attention entirely – the Sandbox mode is where I feel games like this shine where one can tell one’s own story. Still good fun though.


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