WoT (EU): Gamescom Special

So the special offer has been announced a bit earlier than usual, because it is designed to run alongside gamescom and it runs from Thursday morning to Monday morning. In addition to the main special offer there are also a series of daily missions one can participate in, which I am not going to list in detail as that would really get a bit fiddly, as well as two missions that run from 21st August until Monday morning as well, which I will detail.

To begin with there will be a x5 experience bonus for the first victory of the day on each tank – which is very nice. By itself that usually signals a pretty good special offer, and what follows certainly lives up the billing.

All Tier X vehicles will have triple crew experience, and all Tier IX vehicles will have double crew experience. This strikes me as a great little incentive for the higher-tier players, where crew progression becomes more important.

For somewhat lower down the Tier tree, all Tier VII vehicles are available at a 30% discount with a  20% earnings bonus, and all Tier V vehicles have a 50% earnings bonus (the discount and bonuses will not affect premiums vehicles). So the premier farming Tier (Tier V) becomes even more profitable, and the bar to the start of the higher Tiers gets lowered for the special to hopefully help a few more people in Tier VII. This is all to the good and lots of people are going to benefit. In addition the Matilda Black Prince, T14, and Panzer IV Schmalturm premium tanks are available at a 50% discount.

Then we have a 50% discount on equipment, and also a 50% discount on crew training and re-training. The equipment discount in particular is a good way of saving credits.

Then we get the two missions that run the length of the special. The first of these is simple enough, and is entitled Around the World. Once a day, when you kill a vehicle of one of the six nations in the game you will receive the premium consumable associated with that nation that gives a +10% bonus to crew skills for a single battle. A fun little mission.

The other mission is slightly more serious, and is called Making a Difference. If you are one of the top 3 damage dealers for your team you get a 30% earnings boost regardless of whether or not you were on the losing team. I like this mission a lot, and I so think there should be something permanently in the game along these lines.

Then there are the daily missions which I referenced earlier. Some of these are trickier to attain, and all are only valid for as single day, but would make good goals for those interested. For the rest of us they would be a nice additional benefit if we happen to trigger it, otherwise there is no harm in ignoring them.

Overall I would have to say I think this is an exciting, if slightly complicated offer, and I give an A-.


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