WoT (EU): Safari Special

The special offer this weekend is a reprise from something I seem to recall being held last year, only rolled into the new mission system. Essentially there are a number of tanks named after various wild animals which benefit from discounts and bonuses – and meanwhile you get a bonus for killing those same tanks. In a sense it is an attempt to create a group of “prey” and a group of “hunters” – for a safari metal mayhem style! It is a good idea in principle, and I think with the new mission system should work fairly well given that the tanks in the “prey” category are generally fairly popular. As per usual the offer runs Saturday morning to Tuesday morning.

The “prey” are in two groups. The first group is available for a 50% discount and has a 50% earnings bonus, and consists of the Marder II, Sturmpanzer I Bison, VK1602 Leopard, M10 Wolverine, and the Grille. The second group is available for a 30% discount and has a 20% earnings bonus, and consists of the Hummel, GW Panther, Panzer V Panther, Aufklärungspanzer Panther, Panzer VI Tiger, Tiger P, and Jagdpanther. I do think the earnings bonus for the higher tier vehicles is a little bit stingy, especially considering Tier VI vehicles and above have tended to have 30% earnings bonuses recently in other offers.

Now to the Safari mission itself – if you kill one of the vehicles named above you get a five thousand credit bonus. It only applies to random battles. What I do not know is what happens if you kill say two Jagdpanthers in a single battle – do you get five or ten thousand credits. In other words I do not know if it is per vehicle or per battle. Still, a nice little bonus for everyone.

There are a handful of other elements to the offer too. Firstly the premium Tier VII tank destroyer 8.8cm Jagdtiger is available for a 15% discount. Secondly extra barracks slots are available for a 50% discount, and crew name changes are available for a 90% discount. Finally the first victory each day for each vehicle nets a triple experience bonus.

All in all this should be a fun weekend. I do wonder if the list of “prey” is perhaps a little restrictive, being limited to a maximum Tier VII and being entirely German with one exception. Also I must admit the Tier VI+ earnings bonus still looks quite paltry. For that I think I rate it a B-.


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