Gaming: Weekly Roundup 16/8/2013

Well, this is another one that has taken a fortnight, but give the chaos of last week that is not surprising. Also this last week, whilst tiring, has had a positive development at work: for the first time for about a month my worklist has substantially fewer items on it at the end of the week than at the start. Dare I hope this is the start of a return to normality? Or is it simply that it is mid-August and a lot of folks are away on their summer holidays? Time will tell.

World of Tanks

Only had two days where I played any substantial number of games the last fortnight, and only played six days in total. Overall I appear to be on a mild losing streak at the moment, though there have been some good days inbetween. In particular, while I have struggled generally with the Tiger P on Tuesday I had my best ever game – a Top Gun and the Ace Tanker award (replay). On the regular Tiger things continue in a more satisfactory fashion, and even when I lose matches usually I am able to do something.

I have finished experimenting with the Valentine AT. Quite a fun experience, though the very slow sped of the tank can make it frustrating at times. The other tank I played with any regularity is my Marder II (crew’s third skill now at 97%) and the SU-85 which is now fully upgraded. The only other news is that I have decided to retain the M4 Sherman, and start training a new crew for the M4A3E2 Sherman Jumbo on the Ram-II. I will probably wait until that is near 100% before acquiring and playing it.

Kerbal Space Program

I played this for the first time since the 0.21 update, and was delighted to find my save was still compatible. I didn’t really do all that much – put a third satellite into geosynchronous orbit above Kerbin, and also put a second satellite into Low Kerbin Orbit for a second attempt to dock two spacecraft (my first attempted failed a few weeks ago – the two satellites didn’t get closer than about 2km).


Progressed further along the Thieves’ Guild storyline – feels like I am in the last major mission of that. It has been an enjoyable interlude that has fit very well into the personal story I have created, largely taking place in the period of posturing between my securing the Jagged Crown and the much-heralded attack on Whiterun.


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