WoT (EU): Fast and Furious Special

This weekend’s special offer is focused on the generally speedier tanks of the game, and it consists of a large number of fun tanks to play, split into three groups. There is also a joker in the pack, and when I realised it I must admit I smiled rather a lot. The offer runs the ordinary Saturday morning to Tuesday morning.

The first group of tanks involved can be purchased at a 50% discount and has an 80% earnings bonus: BT-7, Panzer III Ausf. A, Panzer I Ausf. C, M3 Stuart, Panzer II Ausf. G, Panzer 38t nA, A-20, Panzer II Luchs, M5A1 Stuart, AMX 40, Panzer III,  AMX 105 AM mle 47, VK1602 Leopard, M7, T49, and AMX 13 105 AM mle 50.

The second group of tanks is available at a 30% discount and has a 20% earnings bonus: MT-25, VK2801, 59-16, AMX 12t, VK3001P, Cromwell, AMX 13 F3 AM, M18 Hellcat, Aufklärunspanzer Panther, T71, AMX 13 75, WZ-131, Lorraine 155 mle 50.

Finally there are a small group of low-tier premiums available at a 50% discount: T2 Light Tank, T-15, M22 Locust, T-25.

Of all of these the one that excites me the most is the inclusion of the Panzer III – I always like an excuse to get that vehicle out and earning some credits. It is possible I may take the opportunity to play some more games on the Leopard too. As for the premiums I am tempted by the two Americans, but I find it hard to justify just at the moment so I will probably pass.

As for the joke – well you may have noticed the AMX 40. Associated the word “fast” with the AMX 40 has to be one of the most amusing things Wargaming EU have done for quite some time. Even more amusing is that I will probably take advantage of its inclusion in the offer now I have played out its predecessor in the French light/medium line.

The other main feature of the offer is a triple experience bonus on the first victory of the day.

There is also a mission associated with the offer, but it is only aimed at platoons. Essentially, if all players in platoon are playing vehicles Tier IV or above and they earn the Brothers in Arms medal they all get 1000 extra experience.

However, there is also an extra mission today celebrated the 3rd anniversary of the Russian server. It is really simple. Win in a random battle before Tuesday morning and get premium account status for 3 days.

Finally there are a number of other offers running at the moment, as ever. Of course the month-long anniversary missions, the IS-2 being Tank of the Month, the Top of the Tree special on the French light/medium branch, and finally the Random Draw that features the SU-100M1 Soviet tank destroyer line.

Overall I rate this as a solid offer, with the one negative being little on the way of trimmings. B+.



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