I know it has been a couple of weeks since I last did one of these, but for various reasons July appears to have ended up being a rather interrupted month as far as gaming is concerned, and the first half of August looks like it will be the same. I should make plain that generally I have enjoyed the interruptions, but all the same they are interruptions to established routines, and remember Aspergic folks generally prefer to have a routine. Generally I am able to manage, but this rather extended streak is having an impact. The state of play at work is not helping either – it is just insanely, in large part due to the incompetency of others. Also, I have a number of other games I am playing at the moment, all of which are single-play, which is a great advantage since Melian often wakes up in the evening/night at the moment as she needs a drink. This leads me to the final reason – the gorgeous summer we have been having here. Nothing like it since 2006, and so I continue to enjoy the Outside as much as I can (given I am very prone to sunburn).

Given I am doing rather more than just World of Tanks I have decided to change the Weekly Roundup to include other gaming I am doing too. Also, given how disrupted July was for me I have decided not to construct my usual monthly WoT report – that will wait until next month.

World of Tanks

Well, not very much tanking done the last few weeks in truth, and I have had something of a losing streak for the last half of July as well. The Marder II crew is about to hit 97%, whilst the two Panzer VI Tiger and Tiger P continue the grind to researching the next two vehicles in their respective heavy lines. I am still putting off buying the ST-I, but that will likely happen some time in August. The Tier III I am working through now is the Valentine AT, and I have just researched the howitzer. Finally I have decided to retain the regular M4 Sherman for the moment, and to train a new crew to 100% on the Ram-II. My other research vehicle right now is the SU-85.

Omerta – City of Gangsters

I have completed Act I, and have done a couple of missions at the start of Act II. I very much suspect I will play this game to unwind in a very casual manner.


Crusader Kings II

My Irish game is going well. On my third generation, and probably soon to go to my fourth. I started off as Earl of Dublin, and inherited Leinster from my father. Managed to fabricate claims on Kirkade on form the Petty Kingdom of Tara. My second ruler expanded that to Ossory too and formed the Duchy of Leinster. Also he managed to have quite a few successes on the marriage market, marrying the Heir of the Welsh kingdom of Deheuberth and getting a matrilineal marriage for his own child, a daughter, to the Heir of the Duchy of Flanders.

The only problem when she came to the inherit however was there was an ongoing outbreak of heresy, which she had adopted. Dealing with the after-effects of that took up the early portion of the reign. Shortly thereafter, however, I took over the province of Desmond, joined a Crusade to retake Hungary. Lost my army to the infidel, rebuilt it slowly, fought two more small wars in Ireland further expanding the realm there. Inherited Deheuberth, for the vassalage of another petty Welsh kingdom, and then fought a war with Gwynedd for another Welsh province that traditionally that I could claim by the Ducal title I held. The Crusade ended and I took over another Irish province, which gave me enough to form the Kingdom of Ireland. Accepted the vassalage of all but two of the remaining lords. Also the Kingdom of Scotland currently holds a single Irish province as well – will have to do something about that but not now.

My current ruler – Queen of Ireland – has had her son inherit the county of Brugge. Her father-in-law and then husband managed to lose most of the Duchy in the fairly constant French civil wars and Franco-German wars. Really, France is an absolute mess. However, I also have strong marriage alliances currently with Scotland, England, and Germany – hopefully leaving me free to pursue my other aim of establishing the Kingdom of Wales. However, that might have to wait until the next generation.


Faster than Light

Played a game on this – managed to be successful on the basic Federation Cruiser and unlocked the variant layout for the Federation Cruiser..


Next week

Quite a bit is due to be happening next week, so I am figuring my gaming time is going to be limited, and will probably have more single-player games like the above, but we shall see.


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