WoT (EU): Anniversary Specials

The title of this post says “Specials” for a reason, as there are two groups of specials for the anniversary. The first special runs from this morning (Friday 2nd) to Monday morning, whereas the second special is a set of missions that remain active the entire month. I must say as I well that I rather like the Anniversary Hangar that Wargaming has rolled out. I think by far the favourite of all the special hangars I have seen. Unfortunately I will not be able to benefit much from this offer as I am going away to see family myself this weekend, and will not be able until after the offer has finished. On the other hand I should have plenty of opportunity to benefit from the missions that run the length of the month.

Looking at the offers for this weekend first, and to begin with we all get a bonus premium tank as a present – a Tier III Soviet Light tank called the LTP. At first glance this looks to be a “typical” premium – in other words a decent enough tank but not outstanding at tier. It looks to have the usual premium advantages – low ammo costs, repair costs, and the ability to train other tank crews. I am looking forward to trying it out whenever I decide to train up a light Soviet crew.

To aid in crew training there is triple crew experience for each battle this weekend, which makes me a little disappointed I will not have more time to take advantage of this. All Tier X vehicles have a 15% discount applied to them too. I was hoping that there might be a discount for Tier IX tanks so I could get the ST-I for a cheaper price, but apparently not. Tier X tanks are rarely involved in an offer however, so if there is one unlocked waiting to be purchased this is good time to do so.

There are then a bunch of gold-item offers. There is up to a 30% discount on premium ammo, and also up to a 50% discount for camouflage. Notice the words “up to”. I have no experience of premium ammo, but camouflage does seem to be at a full 50% at Tier VIII and below (I cannot check higher yet). There is also a 50% discount on crew training and re-training, skill resets, garage slots, and barrack space. Finally there are discounts for premium account time, from 15% off for 180 or 360 days, to getting 7 days for the ordinary cost of three days and so on.

All this would be a fantastic offer – if perhaps a little disappointing for this of us not yet at Tier X. However, there are also some missions just for this weekend.

First of these is entitled “Losing is the Only Way”, and I must say I rather like this mission. If your team loses, but you have the highest base experience (and a certain minimum amount of experience – the precise level varying depending on Tier) you get the 50% bonus to credits and experience that the winners also get. This is a very nice little mission to encourage not giving up even in a losing cause.

The second mission is the twin of this. It is called “Winning is the Only Way” and is awarded the member of the winning team with most base experience, again with a minimum qualifying level of experience that varies depending on Tier. The reward is a further triple crew experience which, if I have read it right, means the potential for some serious crew experience gains.

As an aside, some permanent mechanic along the lines of these two missions would, I think, be a very good addition to the game. Perhaps spread out across the top three players of each team it would help encourage good play irrespective of the status of the team.

The third and final mission for the weekend is called “Credits for Colours” and is really the replacement this weekend of the usual medal hunt. Rather than a single medal however every time one acquires a Patrol Duty, Top Gun, or Crucial Contribution Medal one gets doubled credit income.

All in all this makes for an A* offer, however there are also the three missions that are active for the entire month. The first of these is called “Appetite for Destruction”. If one destroyers 30 vehicles Tier IV or above in the course of a day (which I think runs from 0701 to 0700) then one nets a 300,000 credit reward. This can only be completed once per day, and I don’t think it matters if the destroyers vehicles are spread across many tanks or all fall victim to just the one tank. I hope to find this out later this evening.

The second mission is called “Treasure Hunter”, and is completed by earning one of the four of the epic medals in the game: the Tamado Yoshio Medal, Lehväslaiho’s Medal, Nicol’s Medal, and Radley-Walter’s Medal. The reward is quintuple crew experience (x5 bonus). The third and final mission is named “Power Metal” is works by granting a day of premium account status if one acquires 50,000 experience points over the course of 24 hours with premium status and first victory of the day bonuses counting but other special bonuses not.

Of course, there are the other active specials at the moment as well. The Tank of the Month is the IS-2. Top of the Tree is giving discount and earnings bonus to the top three tanks of the French medium line. Finally the current Interactive Special is on the Panzer VI Tiger line.

All in all lots to enjoy. Might I tentatively suggest some metal mayhem? 😀


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