Gaming: New games

Next year I am really going to have to try and remember that my birthday always seems to coincide with the Steam summer sale and try to make more use of this fact. As it happens I was able to take advantage of the sale somewhat. Fortunately I have a family that understands my love of computer gaming, even when they do not love the particular games I play themselves.

As it was the birthday haul consisted of three (technically four) games. Firstly there was Masters of Orion II, which was actually from This comes with Masters of Orion I, which I must admit not to be particularly interested in except historically. Masters of Orion II though conjures up many happy memories, and represents probably the only 4x game not involved with Sid Meier that I ever “got”. Then there is Omerta – City of Gangsters. I saw Gank review this one some time back, and as I recalled he found it ok but not challenging enough to keep his attention. I will probably give me thoughts on it later, but so far I have enjoyed what I have come across but would agree it is casual gaming.

The final game was Crusader Kings II, and between the Steam Summer Sale and this weekend’s 75% sale I have acquired all the DLC. It has been quite some time since I set foot in a new Paradox Interactive game, and there is always that tingly sense of “Oh my goodness, what does all this MEAN!?!?!?!?!” when one fires it up for the first time. The complexity and scope of these games though is an ongoing attraction. Indeed I can say right now if there is one game that is likely to seriously reduce my World of Tanks playing this is it (along with the rest of the Paradox Interactive stable).

I have already played an introductory game to try and learn various stuff, as is my wont, and have started a second game, which may or may note become my first “proper” game depending on what other game mechanics I encounter/test.

All in all three very different, yet interesting, games to keep me going.


  1. Bernard said:

    in about 2 weeks the new Europa Universalis launches too… sweet…

    • stnylan said:

      Indeed, though I will not be playing it for a good long while yet. Just too much else to do 🙂

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