WoT (EU): August is Coming special

Firstly, by way of general announcement, it has taken me longer to get back to the regular swing of things than I thought. I entirely blame my work, which has been non-stop all week. Also an unexpected (but very welcome) visit from one of Melian’s godparents. So gaming has been slight, and posting has been obviously slow.

With that aside, this weekend’s special offer is a little unusual, in that it is primarily not about individual tanks but rather is centred around a trio of the new missions, and then there are a number of usual extras. As a concept I think it is interesting, but I would not want it to occur all the time.

The first mission is simple enough. Called “Fear Me!” the way it works is that if you inflict 3000 damage and kill at least three enemy vehicles you get double the experience you ordinarily would.

The second mission is named “Experience Earner” and works slightly differently. In this one, if you acquire 50,000 experience over the course of a single day you earn a day of premium account status. It notes that the experience bonus from first victory of the day, and from premium account status both contribute to the total, but that any experience bonus from the “Fear Me!” mission does not. It also states that a day is 24 hours long, and I am going to assume a day is from 0701 to 0700, as that is the timing of the specials generally and this is how a day is specifically defined for the third mission. This apparently can only be attained once per account per said day.

The final mission is different again. This one is termed “The Reaver”. This one is open to three classes of vehicles, Light Tanks, Medium Tanks, or Heavy Tanks of Tier IV+, and the idea is to kill a certain number of tanks with a vehicle of that particular class in a given day. For light tanks this is 25 enemy vehicles, and for medium and heavy tanks it is 50 vehicles. I believe all the kills have to be earned on a single tank, not spread across a number of tanks in the class. The reward for succeeding however seems rather paltry – an Improved Ventilation Class 1 for achieving it on a light tank, Class 2 for a medium tank, and Class 3 for a light tank. To put this into a credit perspective these are worth 50k credits, 150k credits, and 600k credits. To put it bluntly any half-way decent light or medium player should be able to make far more credits than the reward is worth in only a proportion of the battles it will likely take to get the requisite number of kills – especially if they have premium status or playing the farming tiers. With the heavy tanks the situation is not quite so clear-cut, but even so it does not really seem worthwhile. In other words I am not sure I would bother worrying too much about this particular mission. It can only be completed once per account per account type, which further restricts its value.

Now, there is one reason why you might do this anyway, because one of the additional parts of this is offer is double crew experience, so if you have a Tier IV+ light, medium, or heavy tank and wish to take advantage and train the crew you might as well chase the Reaver mission since it not as if you actually lose anything 🙂

The medal involved this weekend is Confederate, which will give a fifteen thousand credit bonus. Crew training and re-training is at a 50% discount, as is barracks enlargement.

Overally I have to give this a B-. The main malus is the poor reward for the Reaver mission.


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