WoT (EU): Lazy Weekend Special

Given the heatwave we are having here in England it seems quite appropriate that this weekend’s special is called the Lazy Weekend. In truth I personally am likely not to play that much tanks this weekend, though I will get some tanking in I am sure. The special itself offers a little something for everyone, mostly through the mission associated with it.

To begin with however there are certain tanks on available on discount and / or with an earnings bonus. Available at a 30% discount and 30% earnings bonus are the Panzer VI Tiger, Churchill VII, AT 8, Churchill Gun Carrier, and AT 7. All in all a very British line-up! Then there are a selection of tanks available for no discount but with an 80% earnings bonus: Hotchkiss H35, D1, AMX 38, Matilda, Valentine, D2, B1, BDR G1B, Churchill I, AT-1, Renault FT AC, Valentine AT, and AT 2.

These are a good mixture of tanks, concentrating primarily on British and French tanks with only a scattering of Russian and German vehicles and no American or Chinese tanks. That distribution seems a little odd, but maybe it is a gentle nod to the heatwave.

As for the mission – well, for every one of the above tanks mentioned that you kill you get a credit bonus: 2500 credits for a Tier II or Tier III, 5000 credits for a Tier IV or Tier V, and 10000 credits for a Tier VI or Tier VII. This is rather nice as it allows everyone to get involved.

The final element of the offer is that for every Steel Wall earned grants a 7000 credit bonus.

While this offer is a pretty decent offer with a wide range of tank options, the lack of ancillaries does weigh against it somewhat. Exactly how good it turns out to be depends on the how many people play the tanks involved in the offer to make the mission worthwhile. Note that higher tier tanks will only get to shoot the Tiger, and Tier X tanks not even that. This makes the offer principally involved in the farming tiers – but apart from the Tiger and AT 7 none of the vehicles involved there are all that popular. Likewise the low-tier vehicles involved are not the iconic vehicles of that tier – one does not see very many D1s (for good reason, in my opinion). All in all this might mean too many hunters going after too few prey. I think therefore I rate this as C+ – though if the mission “works” I would update it to B minus.


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