WoT: Saying farewell to the T-50-2 in 8.7

The public test for the 8.7 update has now arrived. In theory the main feature of this patch is the introduction of British artillery. However, I have a sneaking suspicion that for many players this patch will be remembered as when the T-50-2 was honourably discharged from World of Tanks service. In a sense however there is remarkably little involved in this update. This is, I believe, by design. Having rebalanced accuracy and artillery in 8.6, this patch was almost solely about the introduction of the British SPG line. A new map, a new premium tank, and the replacement of the T-50-2 with the MT-25 is almost the entirety of the piece. This makes it very difficult to write about!

Of the rest the most noticeable item is that Malinovka will apparently have the Assault mode reworked – and in truth I think this is needed. I think it has become increasingly hard to succeed at this one as the attacker. Also Port and Highway are being moved over to the new render – I haven’t kept detailed track but I do not think there can be many maps (if any) left to move over.

I do not think there is a great deal to say about the introduction of the British artillery – other than I always enjoy new targets – but the removal of the T-50-2 means laying to rest one of the most iconic tanks of the game. The Tier V scout is well known for pirouetting around the battlefield – or unfortunately for sometimes running straight into the enemy camp at the start of the battle in a frenetic suicide. However, when played well they could easily be instrumental in ensuring a victory. I never played the T-50-2, so my memories come from facing them in the battlefield. It will be strange not to see the little sprinter racing across the battlefield, though in truth they seem to be less played now than they were with the introduction of more higher-tier light tanks.

So raise your glass to the T-50-2, may she rest in peace.

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