WoT (EU): High Five special

The special this weekend is all about Tier V vehicles, and I certainly hope to get some mileage out of it – but we shall see. This offer lasts from Saturday to Tuesday as usual – and the heart of the offer is really very simple. All Tier V vehicles apart from SPGs and premiums are available at a 50% discount and will benefit from a 50% earning bonus. This includes some very iconic and effective vehicles, some of which I will note.

Panzer IV and M4 Sherman – both these seem to be a little less favoured now since the HEAT nerf, but both remain capable of wreaking havoc using their derp gun options. Overlooked in the HEAT mania however is that both these tanks have very effective AP options too. I prefer the M4 Sherman myself, which works best if you try and maximise its armour using the hull-down tactics it was designed for. The Panzer IV is more of a sniper.

T-34 – the counterpart of the above yet a very different vehicle. Its best weapon does not have a very high alpha, but does have an extra-ordinary rate of fire.

S-35 CA – probably the most powerful gun at tier, with a very large gun traverse for a TD. Slow and vulnerable to being flanked, but deadly.

KV-1 – the very definition of a good all around heavy, and a very well-loved tank. It has a credible derp option, though personally I dislike it.

T-50-2 – this might can as the swansong for this well-known little suicide sprinter.

This is obviously just a handful of comments. There are lots of good vehicles at tier, and they are very effective credit earners even outside of special offers.

In addition a number of premium Tier V vehicles are also on special offer – the Matilda IV, T-25, Matilda Black Prince, Ram-II, and T-14. I have played the T-25, Matilda IV, and Ram-II and found them all very effective vehicles.

In addition the medal this special is Patrol Duty, and comes with a twenty-five thousand credit bonus. Also the first victory with each tank earns triple experience, and there are discounts for the short-term premium account options.

Finally there is the mission for this offer. This mission only applies Tier V vehicles, excluding SPGs (it is not clear if premium tanks count, but I assume they do). One must score at least 500 base experience and destroy at least 5 enemy tanks. Doing so will net you an addition 1000 experience for that battle.

Overall I rate this as a very solid offer, if a little light on the “extras”. B+.


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