WoWP: Dipping my toe

So, World of Warplanes has entered Open Beta this weekend, and I decided to download the client and take a look. Usually I do not bother with open betas, as I generally prefer to spend my time playing “real” games. Early Access games are something of an exception. However, I didn’t quite feel like tanks, so off I went.

My very much first-impressions verdict is – I enjoyed myself.

For those familiar with the World of Tanks interface there is not going to be many problems getting around the basic interface. However, there are little differences that will take a bit of getting used to. Little things like the button to research modules is in a totally different area of the interface. The basics of getting into a battle were simplicity itself – that big friendly “Battle” button (shifted to the bottom, however) makes it nice and easy.

The various numbers behind the modules do not mean very much to me as yet – though in the main it makes sense that an engine with more horsepower makes you go quicker. The basic mechanics regarding researching and upgrading your aircraft remain the same. Crew skill and training is not something I have looked it except in the most cursory fashion, but so far it appears more or less in line with what we would expect from WoT.

As for the battles themselves, I have been in 7-8 matches so far. I have only pulled off two wins, and had only one match where I really feel I got into a groove. That said in most matches I have managed to damage at least something, and in about half of my matches I have actually killed an enemy plane. I am using a mouse to control the aircraft, and the basics are nice and easy.

There is no doubt this is a more casual game than War Thunder – but I do not mind that. War Thunder did seem to aspire to be closer to a simulation, even in arcade mode. World of Warplanes however is unashamedly arcade. I suspect one’s enjoyment of WoWP therefore will be largely dependant on what sort of gamer one is.

Of course, one should remember that this game is still in beta. Changes are likely to be made, no doubt quite substantial. I do not in all honesty see myself investing a great deal of time in an open beta which will be followed by a data wipe. I will mostly wait for the full game to come up – though I can see myself indulging from time to time just for fun. That in itself is a good sign.

Part of the reason of an open beta is to generate interest. From a purely personal perspective my first foray has managed to make me sufficiently interested.

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