WoT: Tempted by the T-70

Having thoroughly enjoyed playing the T-60 I was looking forward to the T-70, and I was not disappointed. The T-70 is a very enjoyable Tier III tank to play, but with one or two distinctive characteristics that help distinguish it from the other similar vehicles at tier.

In essence the tank itself is an upgraded T-60, so it is useful to compare the two for a moment. Firstly the hull is pretty much identical – the frontal 35mm of armour in the T-60 is not quite as effective in a Tier III tank of course, but if you face an auto-cannon like gun such as the Panzer I Ausf. C you can pretty much shrug off the enter cartridge if you are facing forward. Against Tier IV and V tanks, of course, generally you will find yourself penetrated close up – but with the aid of distance can still bounce more than a few shots. While the hull is the same, the turret of the T-70 is better armoured – a full 35mm all around, compared to the 25mm for the upgraded T-60 turret. This means you essentially do not have a weakspot to the front. Note that it is the sides of the T-60/T-70, with only 15mm armour, which are least protected as the rear has 25mm of protection. The turret also offers increased view range compared to the T-60, but this is a bit below some other tanks at tier.

The speed of the T-70 is pretty reasonable, but it is not sprinter. Also the acceleration can feel pretty sluggish – but despite this it is actually a fairly nimble vehicle with 52°/second turn rate on the upgraded tracks. This is quite important because unlike the T-60, the T-70 will find itself in a more traditional light tank role when thrown into a Tier V battle. There are better Tier III tanks for scouting, but the T-70 can fulfil this role if necessary. Its low profile (and presumably therefore good camo values) would, I think, make it a very effective passive scout if one wished to play it that way, though I never have.

In terms of armament one inherits the 37mm ZiS-19 from the T-60, which is alright for Tier IV matches, if nothing to write home about, but is very much outclassed in a Tier V situation. The top gun for the T-70 is the 45mm VT-42, and this offers much better penetration, improved damage, and improved accuracy, though it is slightly slower to aim. That last is not really that much of a concern. Gun depression is unfortunately quite poor. With the upgraded gun you should be able to harass most Tier V tanks in most situations, though certain tanks (KV-1 and AT 2 immediately spring to mind) would be very challenging. Generally though in Tier V situations you should be looking to assist heavier-hitting team-mates rather than doing all the damage yourself. A tracked KV-1 or AT 2 will often be a dead tank, or at least a gravely damaged one.

In a Tier III match this tank is a good sniper/ambusher, able to hurt pretty much everything when fully upgraded. It can still fulfil this role at Tier IV to some extent, though one will start to bounce certain tanks more often. Generally at Tier IV one is either in a scout role or a support role – and at Tier V that is simply what you are.

My own record in the T-70 currently is twenty matches, with sixteen victories and twenty-six enemy tanks destroyed. I don’t have any battle honours, but two have two Cool-Headed commemoratives (both of which were from facing down a Panzer I Ausf. C). I am having a blast in the tank. I am not going to move onto the T-80 any time soon, and this tank has put itself in a very strong position to be the Tier III tank I retain. I am seriously tempted.


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