WoT: Weekly Roundup 5/7/2013

The truth is this week I have not played very much World of Tanks, for various reasons. I did not manage much over the weekend in part because of Tankfest, which took up most of Sunday. Also Melian has started teething again, and this has mean a succession of interrupted nights and resulting tiredness. By itself that would not be so bad, except work has also been frenetically busy, partially due to low staff numbers due to a combination of holiday, sickness, and staff training; and partly due to a poorly-managed project that my team is now trying to help pick up the pieces – oh, and training a new member of staff as well. So busy, busy, busy, and tired, very tired, and knackered, all combine to relatively little tanking. Also family are now visiting, so again less time tanking – though for a better reason at least!

Of the tanking I have done – the poor form in the Tiger P more or less continues. The fun with the T-70 also continues. The credit grind goes on – almost at 5 million now and this weekend should see me pass this target as there are several of my tanks involved in the offer – if I get a chance to play.

So, sorry for the very brief note, but really there is very little to say just now. Hopefully better next week but that very much depends on circumstances not entirely within my control.


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