WoT (EU): Operation Citadel Special

Seventy years ago was the Battle of Kursk, and therefore it is no surprise that this weekend’s special offer is themed to fit in with this anniversary. This offer also is the first time Missions are introduced to the EU server – rewards being given out for meeting set objectives regardless of whether one is in the winning or losing side. Like Gank I am a big fan of the concept, and I am very much looking forward to them. The offer runs the ordinary Saturday morning to Tuesday morning.

To begin with there are a number of Soviet and German tanks involved in this offer. The Stug III, Panzer IV, Panzer V Panther, Panzer VI Tiger, KV-1S, T-34, and SU-152 all have a 30% credit earnings bonus, while the SU-76, T-70, and Panzer III all have a 60% earnings bonus. Not that there is no discount associated with these, which does strike me as a little odd. I have played all of these tanks apart from the Panther and SU-152, and they all are good tanks, a worthy addition to any garage. An extra advantage is that these historical mainstays regularly are involved in the historically-themed special offers, so can be good money-makers.

Of course, being a historically themed special offer on this titanic event on the Eastern front means that only German and Soviet tanks are involved. There are a selection of elements of those offer that are beneficial to all however. Firstly there is the first mission on the EU server. This one is called “Strike them down!”. If you are one of the three top damage dealers on your team then you get a 30% credit bonus. Whether or not your team loses or not is irrelevant. Of course the winning team winners will still get more, but it is something now for the losing team members to aim for.

I say there have been no missions on the EU server and that is technically true, but the medal for credit seems now like an trial run of this idea. The medal for this weekend is Top Gun, and will net a twenty-five thousand credit reward for each one earned.

We also get a 50% discount on garage slots, 50% discount on crew (re-)training, and a 50% discount on crew skill resets. All very useful and I certainly intend to get a couple of low-tier tanks and crew them tanking advantage of this saving at the end of the offer. Finally there is triple crew experience for each battle, always my favourite item on just about any offer.

While the tanks are a but limited in scope due to the historical nature of this offer, the only real odd bit is the lack of a tank discount. Otherwise, this looks like a grand solid offer, A-.


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