WoT: Weekly Roundup 28/6/2013

Well, last weekend’s tanking more than made up for my rather spotty gaming the weekend before. I had a very favourable run of battles, which apart from Tuesday, pretty much continued all week. This meant I have pretty much succeeded at all the aims I set myself last week. In particular, even with the purchase of the T-34-85, I am sitting on over 4.3 million credits as of time of writing. The ST-I is getting closer (even though it costs 3.5million, I want to have 5 million in the bank before I get it). Also this week I had my 3000th victory, though I must admit I didn’t realise until a few battles after the fact.

Tigers The top gun has, unsurprisingly, improved the effectiveness of both tanks. I have almost finished researching the top engine on the historical Panzer VI Tiger, and have gotten the upgraded turret on the Tiger P. Still finding the regular Tiger a better fit than the Porsche variant.

T-70 I played this tank intensively over the duration of the offer, and I had an absolute blast. Another really fun low-tier tank to play

M4 Sherman Although not included in the special, I did get a few games in on the Sherman to benefit from the crew skill bonus. I have refitted it with the 76mm M1A1. I always used to have a lot of success with this gun, but I switched to derp to see what everyone was talking about. Not that I ever used that much HEAT. I like playing the Sherman with both guns, but now seems time to switch back to AP. I have had a few really good games as well, not least of which was a game last night on Fisherman’s Bay where I came away with 1000 xp base (before premium) (replay here).

Leichttraktor Crew now at 100% and starting to learn Brothers in Arms. Will probably keep taking it out semi-regularly, as Tier I battles actually have a lot to teach me. For a start they are massively more random than battles even at Tier III are. I am still often having games where I contribute very little because I am caught out because of this. Yes this is because both teams are made up a large percentage of new players, which is the cause of the randomness, but whatever the cause learning how best to react to it is still going to be useful.

Aims Acquire credits. I am slightly doubtful if I will manage to get to 5 million credits this week – for a start I only have 1 vehicle that I will play directly involved in this weekend’s offer – the VK3001H. Secondly I am expecting not to have any appreciable tank-gaming on Sunday because I will be off to Tankfest at the Bovington Tank museum. Now there is a slight change this might not happen due to an ongoing situation with a close relative (and if it doesn’t I will be a wee bit disappointed, but family beats tanks every time) but at the moment it looks like we will be heading down there.



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