WoT: Terrific fun with the T-60

The T-60 is a Tier II Soviet light tank that was added in 8.5. I have yet to kill one on the battlefield, and they remain somewhat scarce. Mostly I attribute this to folks generally going to the better known T-26 or BT-2. As the post title suggests I have had a lot of fun playing in this tank.

In terms of its general characteristics it is quite a small vehicle, weighing in at about six tonnes (compared to the 9-10 tonnes of the other two Soviet Tier II Lights). This is reflected also in its very low profile, and small turret. This has two advantages – firstly it improves its ability to hide, and given many of the opponents of a Tier II tank are less than brilliantly skilled this gives it a potentially powerful ambush advantage, as well as aiding it in a sniping role. Secondly, it makes it harder to hit. This is somewhat negated by the accuracy buff in 8.6, but the general log still stands – there is going to be a lot of potential to miss this when firing at any sort of range – something more pronounced at lower tiers where gun accuracy tends to be less.

When something does hit the T-60 can also be quite bouncy. Its frontal armour is very heavily sloped, and while the rated 35mm is somewhat flattering the 70° degree angle of the upper glacis still means many lower tier shells will ricochet. The turret, once upgraded, is also well armoured and will also bounce quite a few shots at tier. However, from the sides or rear the armour is both thin and un-angled, so expect penetrations. Also do not get over-brave – TDs in particular will still in most cases be able to make mincemeat out of your frontal armour, as will Tier III tanks when upgraded.

The other defence of this tank is its speed, or perhaps more accurately its agility. This tank is not the speedster than the BT-2 is, but neither is it as slow as the T-26. It falls into a similar category as the British Tier II Cruiser Mk III – a fast tank, but not amongst the fastest. It can get a while to get its speed up too, but once it has gotten going it has one particular advantage. Its track resistance – that is how fast the tank can go over poorer quality ground, is really very high. The effect is more pronounced with the upgraded tracks, which also give a thereotical 52°/second traverse speed. This has the overall effect of making the tank remarkably agile, especially on rougher or softer ground, compared to the others it faces.

There are four potential guns for the T-60. The stock gun is the 12.7mm DShK – an armour-piercing machine gun. This can devastate a lightly armoured tank, but comes with one overwhelming flaw – after one has emptied the clip it takes over 30 seconds to reload. In a Tier II tank I call that almost criminal, as I imagine a number of newer players finding themselves destroyed while waiting for that reload timer. There are also two more conventional autoloaders – the 23mm PT-23TB and 20mm TNSh. I found myself liking these even less than the DShk – especially when compared to the final gun which is the 37mm ZiS-19. This is a regular one-shot gun with good penetration and decent damage for its tier. The rate of fire is reasonable, and it is a very accurate gun. This proved to me my favourite. While I suspect the DShK can be utterly devastating now and then, for overall good performance the steady and reliable ZiS-19 is the best gun.

Once I had everything upgraded I settled down in this tank quite well. I do play it more as a sniper, picking a spot in a bush and trying to take advantage of any situation offered. Generally I try to take position on one of the flanks, and then charging if an opportunity arises. In the low-tier matches it often does. One weakness is that there is relatively poor gun depression, which does mean position is quite critical. One oddity is that the turret is placed slightly off-centre, which allows some possibility of making better use of cover.

My record in the T-60 stands at 11 matches, 8 victories, and 15 enemy kills, along with a Spartan commendation and the Ace Tanker badge. Suffice to say, I really enjoyed myself, so much that I seriously considered keeping it. Reluctantly I have decided to sell it, but if I ever want another Tier II regular tank, this will be the one I get.

  1. Shun_Tzu said:

    Dear Lewis,

    I follow you blog quite regularly because of nice writings inside. You have done a great job here.

    This is first time when I make comment on one of your post due to the subject. I’m new (noob) in this game, just started at the end of March and trying hard to learn the ropes.
    T-60 is by far my favorite tank in tier II ( I played 13 tier II tanks and only tanks, not TD or SPG). I don’t have the statics on this tank now, but you can find it on EU server.
    I had in it two games with 9 kills, one of this games was selected on Strong Start Contest first 100 results and I received 1000g. First time when I won something in one MMO.

    The T-60 is like you described in post, I played it more like sniper because low profile, very accurate gun, nice slopped armor, speed is not really his strength and aiming time is like one eternity and something. I moved to T-70, which have similar gameplay but is taller.

    Good luck and have fun,


    • Congratulations on the nine kills! I have only ever managed that on one tank – the Marder II, and that only once. I am finding the T-70 to be equally fun I must admit.

      And thank you for reading and your kind words.

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