WoT: Weekly Roundup 21/6/2013

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I did not really play much World of Tanks over the weekend. In fact, I have only played on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday, and had a losing record on all three days. Mostly that is probably just bad luck, but my general tiredness (situation not really improved) added to a cold I have picked up will not have helped. This basically means I achieved none of my aims – I have not yet started to play the AMX38, for example. With the release of 8.6 my credit total has taken another dent as I acquired a Super Heavy Spall Liner, which set me back by 750k credits. Despite the somewhat unsatisfying nature of a 11-16 record, there were actually some interesting games.

Marder II My progress suffered of course, but this evening the first crewmember has just tipped 95%.

Tigers Tonight I have just unlocked the top-tier gun – the 8.8cm KwK 43 L/71 on the Tiger P (and upgrading both tanks). I will get to play around with it tomorrow. The regular Tiger is just under half-way to researching the top engine, and the Tiger P will now be researching the upgraded turret.

Leichttraktor Crew is at 98%, so the aim to get the crew to 100% by 8.6 was not quite realised, but almost.

8.6 Although I only played nine games yesterday, it was enough to give me a good initial overview of 8.6, which is being added to this evening. Firstly, usually it takes me a while to play any new maps – just random luck. Last night however I was in Sacred Valley twice, once in a Standard game and once in an Encounter game, and I also fought two Encounter games on Lakeville and an Encounter game on Westfield. Sacred Valley is a beautiful map, but complicated. It is going to take a while to work out what to do, but there was a brilliant shoot-out around the base on the Encounter match. In Lakeville it was a bit of a palaver both times as players hadn’t really adjusted to the new base location.

Westfield … I am not so sure about. On that particular match I played my Hummel – and did pretty well, although my team eventually lost. The map itself, it feels like the western team is somewhat disadvantaged. Or perhaps, given the sometimes un-even quality of the playerbase it is more likely to tempt poorer players into playing poorly my making the base appear to be so easily available, whereas players on the eastern starting position have several equally valid approach routes. In many respects it actually felt not like an Encounter, but like an Assault match, with the western team defending the plateau. Time will tell if that perception is correct.

While one match is nothing to go on, the Hummel still feels sweet to play. Yes the dispersion is rough, but the claim that overall accuracy would be about the same appears to be correct. The slower reload is what it is. I estimate those whining that arty is still too powerful will be out in force once more within the week 🙂

Aims This weekend I am going to take advantage of the offer and acquire the T-34-85 and T-70. That will be just over half a million credits. As of writing I have 3.58 million. If I can take advantage of the various earnings bonuses I hope to end the week back above the 4 million mark, but time will tell. Meantime I am going to continue playing the Tigers, and will try out the T-70.


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