WoT (EU): Operation Bagration Special

The 22nd June is the start of two very important military campaigns in World War 2. Amongst folks in the West with a casual knowledge of the war I am fairly sure Operation Barbarossa in 1941 is the more famous. Of course, three years later Operation Bagration began on the same date. Given the fact that Wargaming is a company from the old Soviet Union, I somehow doubt we will ever see an offer dedicated to the invasion of the USSR, but that we will always see a triumphant special celebrating arguably the most successful of all Soviet campaigns in World War 2. I do find it slightly curious though how little is generally known about Bagration over here – even the code name is not so common, and yet this was the Soviet counterpart to the D-Day landings that began earlier that same month. If they were the first nail in the coffin of the Third Reich, Bagration was the second. I suspect, of course, the very fact it occurred at the same time as D-Day means it gets eclipsed in the minds of a western audience, and the Cold War animosities that followed the war meant a subtle down-playing of the achievements of the other during the War.

Be that as it may, we have a great special to celebrate. Given the historical theme this offer is all about German and Soviet vehicles. There are quite a few tanks involved, and they are formed into two groups. The first group of vehicles are available at a 50% discount and have an 80% earnings bonus applied. It includes the Panzer IV, Stug III, T-70, T-34, SU-76, and SU-85. The second group is available at a 30% discount and has a 30% earnings bonus. This group comprises of T-34-85, KV-1S, IS, SU-152, Panzer V Panther, Panzer VI Tiger, and Jagdpanzer IV.

This is a good selection of vehicles, including some very popular tanks like the KV-1S. I wonder though if we will see fewer Panzer IV and Stug IIIs than we otherwise would have, following the HEAT nerf, which is a shame because these tanks can very effective not using derp too. I myself will be acquiring the T-70, and probably taking advantage of the earnings bonus with the T-34 and SU-85. I might also pick up the T-34-85 at the discount though I do not intend to play it just yet. Of course one thing to note is there are no SPGs involved in this offer, and given the recent changes in 8.6 that is probably a good thing.

There are some other aspects of this offer of course. To begin with each Steel Wall medal earned will come with a seven thousand credit bonus. Also garage slots and crew skill resets are available at a 50% discount. Finally each battle for the duration of the offer will grant double crew experience. Really there is very little not to be happy about all of this, and I certainly am expecting to use a little saved gold to get a slightly bigger garage. One can never have enough tanks.

Overall I have to say I think this is a good offer: A-. It runs the usual Saturday morning to Tuesday morning.


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