WoT: Weekly Roundup 14/6/2013

In many respects a week of two halves. Over last weekend I had a run good fun of games, and mid-week I had a fairly poor run of games. Also I did not play at all Thursday due to a combination of tiredness and an early birthday present.

T-60 One of my chief aims this week was to play some games on the T-60, enough for me to write my report. That I have managed to do. Had some very enjoyable games on this tank.

Tiger Project On the Panzer VI Tiger I have the upgraded turret, and am now researching the engine. The Tiger P is researching the upgraded gun for both, and has about 5000xp to go. Hopefully I should get there this weekend. The Tiger P is starting to play a bit better now I can fit the 8.8cm KwK 36 L/56, so on both tanks I am looking forward to seeing how they perform with the top 8.8cm KwK 43 L/71. Not much more damage but a lot more penetration.

Marder II Had what will probably be my monthly draw in the Marder II this week. Otherwise the crew is now at 94% – and the amount of xp it takes to increase a single percentage point is really building up. It takes 30k xp to go from 94% to 95% Overall I have about 160k xp to go to get the third skill to 100%.

Leichttraktor Have managed to get the crew into the high-90s, so almost done here. With the crew bonus this weekend I think this crew will be in fine shape for 8.6 even if not quite at 100%.

KV-5 The source of much of my bad runs in the mid-part of the week. Despite the losses actually made quite a few credits, including a great game this evening where I did 3k damage and also got a Steel Wall.

M4 Sherman All but 1 crewmember now has Brothers in Arms at 100%. I won’t start training a second skill on it, but will save up the xp to negate the effect of the tank retraining whenever I finally move onto the next US Medium

Aims Mostly, to continue making credits. I have a number of tanks that will benefit from the special offer his weekend – the Marder II, Hetzer, and Panzer III are all going to get playtime. I may also try and get a few games in on the SU-85B. All of which means I will be researching relatively few tanks this coming week, indeed just the Tigers. For that reason I think I am going to get a few games in on the AMX 38 – one of several Tier IIIs in my garage and the next tank in my Tier III Project. Currently I have just under 4 million credits, so with a following wind I should get to 5 million credits with all this aid to my earnings this weekend without too much trouble.





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