WoT (EU): A penny saved is a penny earned Special

This weekend’s special is all about lower-tier tanks, and it should encourage many tankers to take out some old favourites. Certainly I am going to try to take advantage of it, though with a second party for Melian (for the half of the family that could not get to the first one) my time will likely be a little limited. The offer runs the usual Saturday morning to Tuesday morning.

The meat of the offer is very simple: all Tier III and IV regular tanks and tank destroyers (but not SPGs or premium vehicles) have an 80% earnings bonus. There is no discount apparently, but for all but the newest players these tanks should be cheap enough for that not to matter. I will not list every tank involved in the offer, as that would amount to quite a few, but I will quickly mention a few of my own favourites, and a few others I have not played yet which still seem very capable.

The first mention, of course, has to be the Marder II which I personally love, but since it was nerfed it is now harder to play. The T82 can make a respectable argument to be the best Tier III vehicle in game, and has a very powerful HE howitzer. Two other Tier III derp tanks are the M2 Medium and Cruiser Mk II. The M2 Medium is the more common of the two, and probably the easier to play, but both should can treated with respect. The T-46 can make a decent claim to be the most versatile Tier III vehicle, and as it leads to the KV-line of heavy tanks is a good one to play in anyway. The BT-7 and Panzer I Ausf. C are the speedsters and can wreak havoc in an opponents rear, but are also easy tanks to suicide in.

Transitioning to Tier IV my favourite tank is probably the iconic Hetzer, which apart from being powerful is also, I think, the coolest looking vehicle game. However the Somua SAu-40 has to be the most under-rated tank on this tier. It looks ugly, is slow, and weakly armoured, but it has the most powerful HE gun on tier, and if you use it wisely the enemy will explode all over the place. Another under-appreciated vehicle is the T-28 medium, which suffers from being overlarge, but it has the necessary armament when upgraded and speed to make itself very annoying. Likewise the M3 Lee has a generally poor reputation because people dislike its hull-mounted main gun, but if you can get over that it deals out a lot of damage. To say “treat it like a tank destroyer” is a little trite, but no less true. The most unloved Tier IV, however, is no doubt the AMX 40. This slow ungainly creature is loathed by many who play it, but also by many who can do little but bounce shells off its excellent armour. Another well armoured vehicle for this tier is the regular Matilda, which can survive a lot of incoming. If you prefer a faster medium I really recommend the Panzer III, which I find excels at fast, aggressive gameplay once upgraded. Tier IV is also when scout tanks enter the game, of which the T-50 is the best-known example. Finally there is the lone regular Tier IV heavy, the B1.

Apologies to any tanks not mentioned, but I did not want to go into great detail.

There are three other elements of this offer. Firstly each Sniper medal earned comes with a six thousand credit bonus. Secondly all camouflages are on a 50% discount – as they were last week. I find it a little odd that camo is being included in an offer two weeks running, but I am not complaining. Finally there is a double crew bonus for all battles.

Overall I give this weekend’s offer a solid B+.

However, just remember that the EU server has started to have other offers running outside of the usual weekend specials, and where necessary I am going to start mention those here too. There are three offers currently running. The first is the current Tank of the Month, which features the Churchill I and Churchill VII getting a 50% crew experience bonus and a 30% earnings bonus (they were on discount for the first few days of the offer, but that element has now ended). The current instance of the Big and Heavy special looks at the top three French Tank Destroyers: the AMX AC mle. 1948, AMX 50 Foch, and AMX 50 Foch (155), all of which are available for a 30% discount and a have a 30% earnings bonus. Finally the Interactive Special Random Draw currently features the M41 and the tanks leading up to it (T57, M37, and M7 Priest) with a 50% discount and 50% bonus crew experience on all of them.


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