WoT: Seduced by the Dark Side…

I did.

Just last night.

I installed the XVM mod.

Now, I know many people regard XVM as a bane upon the game. I have generally resisted installing it for a long time because I disliked the idea of gettings odds before a match started (even though I knew one could turn that feature off). Inertia can be a powerful force. Three things have happened to make me take the plunge however.

The first was installing Jimbo’s Crosshair mod following the 8.5 update – which had some elements of XVM in it (the extra statistics in the Service Record screen and after-battle report) and I must admit to being very pleased with them. The second element has been a slowly increasing desire for more info, with the third being knowledge that it is widely used out there, especially by more experienced players.

Tackling those last two in reverse order – for a while now I have been aware, especially in higher tier battles, of other players using XVM. It was really noticeable that as soon as my efficiency rating turned me green people would occasionally talk to me in game (follow me etc.). One those very rare occasions when I mention a plan of action in chat, I have noticed it gets listened to with a little more seriousness now. Finally, on one rather notable occasion after I died an enemy crowed in open chat that he had just killed the best person on our team. Additionally the more videos I have watched make it very clear that XVM is widely used. Given other people are using it, and given that more information does grant an advantage (if used properly) it started to feel like I might be hindering myself.

The thirst for information was the final, and in many respects most compelling reason. This is one aspect of my Asperger’s, in that generally I want to know. It has proved difficult with some of the medical professionals whom I have dealt with over the years, who kept trying to simplify things for me – and by doing so to deny me proper understanding. Fortunately there have always been a couple who have been able to either provide me with documentation or point me in the direction of relevant sources. This same desire is why I record on a spreadsheet my record with each tank. Left unchecked this can actually become almost debilitating – one spends so much time recording and absorbing information one stops being able to do anything else – but funnelled properly it is actually a strength. Ultimately as well one has to funnel it, rather than denying it – denying it is a bit like trying to stop a river.

So far, interesting. Far too early to tell what overall impact it will have, but I am intrigued to see what I think in a few hundred games’ time.


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