WoT: The Venerable VAE Type B

Britain occupies a somewhat curious position when it comes to tank history. The tank was a British invention, first famously deployed during the Battle of the Somme during the First World War. Britain has also been very involved in armoured vehicle design, and can lay claim to a large number of developments and innovations. However Britain has also generally been primarily a naval power – so the development of land arms has always been given somewhat less importance. In many respects this makes sense, but it means that tank industry in the United Kingdom has always been at a somewhat lower level than in Russia, Germany, the United States, or even France. The Vickers Mk E Type B is one of the very influential British tank designs, that was not actually used by the British army. Instead the design was sold abroad, and it is well known in World of Tanks as the T-26 (Soviet Tier II Light). Indeed, once it has been upgraded it more or less is the T-26.

Overall I found this is a very enjoyable tank to play. While technically it has a max speed in the mid-30s, it feels rather faster. This may be due to it being naturally a very agile tank, with a high track traverse. In terms of armour it is, of course, fairly weak like most other Tier IIs. Note however that the upgraded turret has fairly strong frontal armour that can bounce quite a few shots.

Where this tank distinguishes itself however is its weaponry. There are a good selection of guns. I think it will probably work best with the 40mm Pom Pom or the 45mm 20K. Which you use will to some degree be down to personal preference. The 40mm Pom Pom is the same gun as used in same-Tier Cruiser Mk III, and fires four single shots per clip. For myself, however, I found I preferred using the 45mm 20K in this tank. The true difference between the two weapons is burst damage – the Pom Pom – versus overall damage. Given I played this one at a bit of distance the 45mm seemed to work better. Be aware that none of the guns are very accurate, so you are not a proper sniper.

In a sense there is not much else to mention about the VAE. It is a good all-round tank for this Tier, a good tank to learn the game with. My own record is 10 matches, six victories, and 17 kills with the Ace Tanker badge. I move forward with fond memories.


  1. sean said:

    you’re moving up the Chinese line then? As the proud owner (since last night) of a WZ-120 – to go with my 110 and my WZ-132 – I can say there are some nice toys in the line. It’s a bit schizophrenic until Tier V or so (understandable given the historical circumstances, but a bit odd in-game) and I’ve learnt to loath the lack of gun depression, but those two quibble aside, there are some really fun tanks in the line. And perhaps best, all Chinese tanks have good soft stats, notably low ground resistance, so they’re all quite maneuverable.

    • Well, not entirely. Some time ago I played my way through all non-SPG Tier II tanks, and then they added a few more so I have been catching up. I am now also starting to play through all Tier III and IV non-SPGs. Meanwhile I mostly concentrate on the German tanks, and the KV/IS-4 heavy line – currently saving up for the ST-I.

      I am looking forward to moving up the Chinese line however. In particular I am really intrigued by the higher-tier Chinese lights, but in reality it will take me a while to get there.

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