WoT: Weekly Roundup 7/6/2013

Two notes. Firstly this is going to be the first of my weekly round-ups where I just note various things I have done in WoT this last week. I will generally do this on a Thursday or Friday, as I often change which tanks I am playing on a Saturday with the advent of the new special offer. Secondly, the date format is UK date format, so day/month/year – just a friendly note so those across the pond do not get overly confused. So, what I have done the last week?

Tiger Project – Starting playing both the Panzer VI Tiger and the Tiger P. My first impressions go to the regular Tiger, but then I have had to use the Tier VI 7.5cm gun on the Tiger P due to weight restrictions. I have just unlocked the tracks, and have equipped it with the 8.8cm KwK 36 L/56, same as the regular Tiger. The penetration is a bit lower, but the punch is nearly double. That should make a difference. On the regular Tiger I am over half-way to having researched the upgraded turret.

Leichttraktor – I have finally started playing a few games back where it all began, really now training the main crew skills up to 100%. This has been aiding by the T-15 and Pz 38H 735f, so all the crew have been getting two daily doubles, and the commander and drive getting three.  That means currently the crew is just about to turn 94%. It may not be 100% when 8.6 hits, but it will be close. So far it is famine or feast. Some matches have been real successes, and others abject failures. Taking some time to get used to the tank.

T-15 – speaking of the T-15, so far I am really enjoying this little premium. Glad I acquired it

KV-4/ KV-5 – in my monthly reports I mainly talk about where my Marder II crew is going with its crew skill, but the KV-4 crew is now at 75% on the third skill. Progress is quicker since I sometimes get two double-bonuses by using the crew in both the KV-4 and KV-5.

Overall I am still saving up. I want to have 5 million credits before I shell out on the ST-I. However, given last week so me purchase the IS on discount, and this weekend I will be getting the Panzer V Panther on discount, I am not really making any headway just now.

Aims With the upcoming special there should be rich credit-making opportunities. I have also chosen the T-60 to be my next low-tier tank to play and research. However, gameplay is likely to get a bit disrupted with the fact it is Melian’s birthday this week as well, so that might slow things down a bit 🙂 .


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