WoT (EU): In Memory of D-Day Special

This weekend’s special offer is dedicated to the Normandy D-Day landings. It is the first historically-themed special offer we have had for quite a while, and with it there is a wide variety of British, German, and American tanks involved in the offer. Soviet and Chinese tanks are not included, and the only French offerings are two premiums that, in reality, were German adaptations of captured French armour. Historically themed offers do not allow so much flexibility for Wargaming, which might be why we have seen less of them of late. The offer runs the normal Saturday morning to Tuesday morning.

The tanks fall into three groups. The first group has tanks on a 50% discount with an 80% earnings bonus, and consists of vehicles Tiers II-V. The tanks in this group are M3 Stuart, M5 Stuart, M7 Priest, M4 Sherman, M10 Wolverine, Crusader, Panzer II, Panzer IV, Wespe, Hummel, Marder II, and Stug III. Some great tanks involved in this part of the offer. I myself am going to enjoy the extra credits on the Marder II of course, but these are all very capable vehicles and I strongly suspect we will see a lot of Panzer IVs, M10 Wolverines, Crusaders, M4 Shermans, and Stug IIIs this weekend. I half-expect this to be the last hurrah of the current 105mm HEAT shells.

The second group of tanks are Tier VI and VIII, and are available at a 30% discount and have a 30% earnings bonus. The tanks are M4A3E2 Sherman Jumbo, the M4A3E2 “Easy Eight” Sherman, the M12, Cromwell, Panzer VI Tiger, Panzer V Panther, and Jagdpanther. For this this will be an opportunity to acquire the Panther, and earn some credits on the Tiger.

Finally there are three premiums available at a 30% discount: the Pz S35 739f, the 105 leFH18B2, and the FCM36 PaK40. I must say, given these are all low-tier premiums the 30% discount does seem a little stingy, and leaves a bit of a bad aftertaste to the whole offer. Overall though there are some really iconic tanks involved in this offer, and I would be very surprised if there are not a lot of them on the battlefield over the next few days.

There are a few others elements to the offer. The first victory on each tank will earn you a triple experience bonus. This makes a rather refreshing change from the all the crew experience bonuses we have had recently, even though generally I like crew experience more variety is sometimes nice. Also the Invader medal will earn a twenty thousand credit bonus each time it is awarded. Given I have only 1 Invader medal to my name total, I rather doubt I will be benefiting from that.

Finally we have a 50% discount on both consumables and camouflage. Premium consumables are included, so it may be time eke out a small stockpile of those. Likewise this is a good time to consider permanent camouflages – but if you cannot afford the gold this is good time to experiment with credit camos too. For myself there are some tanks I want to add permanent camo too, but I may not manage to do so this time around.

Overall this is a good offer, with only one minor negative. I think I give it a B+.


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