Skyrim: Letter from Winterhold

[The first portion of this post is in-character, the second is out of character]

Housecurl Iona

Lydia might well have told you to take any plans I make with a pinch of salt. I hope she did, because I am not going to be able to return to Riften as I had planned for some time. It is possible someone may spread a rumour around that I am dead. If they do, ignore it. There are plenty enough rumours with the war and dragons. If someone asks outright, say you do not listen to rumour. If asked officially by the Jarl or her seneschal you may produce this letter as evidence that I am alive.

If you get concerned about security, inform Mjoll. She will be happy to help.

With honour

I sign my name, fold it, and pass the letter to Lydia. She takes it and walks away without a sound.

The quarters of the Archmage of Winterhold are comfortable indeed, but distracting. It would be easy to get comfortable here, to settle down into a degenerate life. I will be leaving tomorrow, and not sorry to put the College behind me. I could pursue this whisper about the Elder Scrolls out on the ice, to set my mind to higher things, but to Oblivion with that.

Tomorrow we will head south. First to Korvanjund. What follows will depend on what happens there, but at some point soon I hope to travel again to Markath. I pull off my boots and lie down on the exquisite bed. I will sleep poorly, like as not, but tomorrow thoughts of vengeance will keep me hale.

Mercer Frey has displayed a fatal flaw – shown himself to be a member of the Guild rather than the Brotherhood. One of my dark kin would have ensured my death. He did not do so, and he will regret that ere his end.


Sometimes I feel one has to act out the story a little in Skyrim. It feels more natural for one thing. I have had a falling out with the current leader of the Thieves’ Guild. In reality I doubt the game would notice this much if I returned to Riften. I half-expect the game would not do very much if I went back to the Ragged Flagon. However, in my head it just makes more sense for my character to avoid Riften for the moment.

It is another good sign that the game has gotten “under my skin” in a very good way.

    • Very true. And Skyrim is very good at doing it!

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