WoT (EU): Total Destruction Special

Another weekend rolls on, which means another World of Tanks Special. This weekend’s special does have a theme – tanks and vehicles which do a lot of damage – but it is a rather eclectic group  of tanks involved which leads me to suspect not a great deal of effort went into this one. I could be wrong, but it does feel a little higgledy-piggledy. The range of tanks is pretty good however, though there are no mediums or lights involved. It runs the usual Saturday morning to Tuesday morning.

Firstly, let us look at the tanks involved. These are split into two groups. The first group are available at a 50% discount and have a 50% earnings bonus. The tanks are SU-26, AMX 105AM, Somua SAu-40, M7 Priest, T40, Hetzer, AT 2, and Hummel. These range from Tier III to Tier V, and are all tank destroyers or SPGs. The second group is available at a 30% discount and with a 30% earnings bonus. They are the SU-100, KV-2, ARL 44, T29, Panzer VI Tiger P, Black Prince, and IS-2. With the exception of the SU-100 these are all heavy tanks, and they are a mixture of Tier VI and VII.

From the first group I own the SU-26, Hummel, T40, and Hetzer, and I have played the Somua SAu-40. The Somua is probably the most under-rated tank at Tier IV, as its HE derp gun is an absolute terror to face when the tank is played well – and I am not talking about using HEAT ammo either. Indeed, the ordinary HE ammo on the Somua and Hetzer is more than adequate to ruin the lives of the tanks these will come up against. For those worried about these sort of tanks losing effectiveness after the HEAT change in 8.6, basically, don’t. The Hummel is my favourite SPG currently, but given my relatively limited arty play that is not saying much. All the same I think all these lower tier tanks are worth playing.

In the second group I own the KV-2 and Tiger P, thought he Tiger P is as yet unplayed. That may change this weekend. For me though the KV-2 is, in some respects, the star of the show. If ever there were a tank that embodied total destruction is the KV-2 with the howitzer. Don’t bother with HEAT ammo in my experience – an average 900 HE damage will make mincemeat of just about anything it faces. This tank was feared enough by Tier X tanks when it used to encounter them before the matchmaking changes back in 7.5. Of the others I cannot really comment. I have seen all of them played well, and all of them played poorly.

There are a few elements of the offer that do not directly involve tanks. The first is that each Confederate Medal earned during the offer will net a fifteen thousand credit bonus. Also crew retraining (but NOT skill retraining) and inscriptions are at a 50% discount. Finally there is double crew experience for each battle. Once again I note that crew experience bonuses are becoming very common, not that I am complaining.

Overall this offer feels a bit undirected. Nevertheless is covers a good selection of tanks and tiers, with some reasonable extras. I would give it a B.


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