WoT (EU): These are not the tanks you are looking for Special

The special offer this weekend is themed around tanks that never actually made it to the battlefield, both tanks that existed as prototypes and also tanks that were never more than blueprints. It is an offer without many trimmings, and I would expect some people to complain that the NA server is getting a better offer this weekend. Of course, over in the USA it is something of a holiday-weekend, which might have something to do with that šŸ™‚ .

The tanks involved in this offer are split into two groups. Firstly we have a number of Tier VII tanks that are available for a 30% discount and which also have a 30% credit earnings bonus. They are the T-43, T-34-1, VK3002D, T20, Black Prince, and AMX M4 (1945). I have no experience in any of these tanks, but all have proved worthy foes on the field of battle. The Black Prince is probably the best armoured of them, and can prove troublesome to kill. The one least likely to be encountered seems to be the French AMX M4 (1945).

The second group are all Tier III, and have an 80% credit earnings bonus. They are the T-46, Panzer II Ausf. G, Panzer I Ausf. C, AMX 38, T82, and Medium Mark III. I have played a few games with all of these tanks apart from the Panzer IC. That tank has a well-deserved reputation for being a speed daemon. You can really tear around the map – of course it is also easily possible to find yourself isolated and destroyed. The T82 is in the running to be the most powerful tank on Tier when using its howitzer. The Panzer IIG I hated. The AMX38 may be the most durable tank at Tier, but its slowness may frustrate some players. The T-46 can make a decent claim to be the best all-round tank at tier. The Medium Mk III is a large and tempting target, and success requires one to reduce your exposure. Making use of hull-down tactics and cover can massively increase lifespan, in which case the damage dealing potential of this tank starts to be realised.

The medal involved in this week’s over is Patrol Medal, and each one will net you a 25,000 credit reward. Finally there is a double crew experience bonus on all matches. It seems there have been a lot of crew experience bonuses in specials recently – not that I am complaining! I do wonder, however, if the guys running the EU server have realised this is a good think to enter into an offer to give more experienced players grinding long crew skills something to be happy about, as discounts and earnings bonuses are sometimes less relevant to that portion of the game population.

That speculation aside I think this is a reasonably good offer. It is not spectacular, but it has items for newer players, older players, and covers a range of nations and vehicle types. Its main weakness is no extra element (garage slots, barracks enlargements, camo, inscriptions, emblems, equipment, consumables, and so on). Overall B-.


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