The special offer after one of the “big events” is always a little bit of at let-down. Often the best thing is not to try to directly compete, just have a quieter offer that has no pretensions. That is very much the strategy on the EU server with this weekend’s special, which is understated to the point of being downright minimalist. Never the less I am going to enjoy this offer. It runs the usual Saturday morning to Tuesday morning.

The big item on the offer is double crew experience for all crews in all battles. Especially following a x5 bonus weekend, some extra crew experience is a good way of at least making the next offer mean something to most players (albeit generally not the newer places for whom crew experience is still usually a tertiary concern). There is also a 7,000 credit bonus for each Steel Wall medal earned.

Then you have a mixed bag of Tier IV and V tanks, including lights, mediums, and heavies – but not TDs or SPGs. All nations are represented. The tanks are all available at a 50% discount, and all have an 80% earnings bonus. This should make them fairly profitable. The list of tanks is quite eclectic, so let’s go through them one by one.

M5A1 Stuart (Chinese Tier IV Light) – an equivalent of the better known M5 Stuart. A scout tank, so its role can be wildly different from one battle to the next. Not everyone’s cup of team.

AMX 40 (French Tier IV Light) – one of the best armoured tanks at Tier IV, and also one of the slowest. Some people loathe it, but this tank can also take a hell of a beating in a Tier IV match. Not a tank to play if you want to charge about, however, which is I think at least one reason for some of the frustrations people have with it.

BDR G1B (French Tier V Heavy) – a while back someone ran some figures which showed that this tank was the most profitable non-premium tank on the EU server. While its armour is a bit on the thin side for a heavy, its punch more than makes up for it.

Panzer III (German Tier IV Medium) – one of my favourite vehicles. Small, fast, with great frontal armour. A good tank to learn ramming techniques with since it can crumple most Tier IV and below tanks. I play it as a heavy-scout with the HE gun (generally I do not use HEAT).

Panzer III/IV (German Tier V Medium) – a flanker tank that should use its mobility to attack the enemy tanks, but which also has the armour necessary to get into a bit of a brawl if necessary.

Churchill I (UK Tier V Heavy) – slow, well-armoured, with vulnerable tracks, but nevertheless able to impose itself on a Tier V battlefield. I get the feeling it sometimes gets under-estimated, which is to its advantage.

M3 Lee (USA Tier IV Medium) – possibly never has one tank earned such opprobrium so unjustly. It gets its somewhat bad reputation from the fact its gun is hull-mounted. People expecting a medium find that difficult to manage. In reality you have a hard-hitting, fast firing damage machine here. Yes it has a high silhouette, but you can compensate for that. Keep the enemy to the front, your armour will bounce more than you image, and your gun will do the rest. In other words, play it like a TD.

T1 Heavy (USA Tier V Heavy) – a large and somewhat ungainly beast, this tank again benefits from being looked down upon. Make good use of hull-down tactics, and the gun will rack up the damage and kills.

T-28 (USSR Tier IV Medium) – another tank that is often underestimated. It has two weaknesses – lack of armour and large size. On the other hand decent speed and weaponry can easily compensate. My first Top Gun medal was in a T-28.

KV-1 (USSR Tier V Heavy) – possibly the best “all-round” vehicle in the game. It has no glaring weaknesses, if at the cost of no outstanding attributes. It is most probably the most forgiving tank to play, though some could possibly find it a bit boring as a result. Given how many of these are lurking in garages, including mine, I would expect quite a few KV-1 parties this weekend. The main question is which gun to use. Myself, after experimenting with the derp, have decided I prefer the 85mm F-30 – but given the earnings bonus this weekend I would expect a lot to be equipped with the 122m U-11 firing HEAT – and given the earnings bonus I might get in on that action too.

So there you have it, some good tanks to try, or even go back too. With the discount on purchasing and the earnings bonus all these a cheap enough it will be easy to recoup the cost in a handful of matches. Overall I give this offer a solid B.


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