Skyrim: Outside Northwatch Keep

The below passage is in character – below that there is an out of character entry

We crouch behind a rock that offers no protection from the cold wind, but ample cover from the eyes of the Thalmor guards at Northwatch Keep.

“I think the simplest way will be for me to Change – that way it will appear like a pack of werewolves attacked the place, which would almost be true. Just keep your bow to hand and bring down anyone who tries to run away.”

She nods a moment, peering at the elven prison. She stopped reacting to my talking of the Change a long time ago. To be fair the first time she saw me as a wolf was a bit of a shock, but to her core she is a Huscarl. Loyalty is her lifeblood, a loyalty she has offered and I have earned. I do not think she even allows herself to think in terms of liking me or not, I am her lord and that is all. Her creed does not admit the possibility of love, or compassion. I choose my wife well when I searched elsewhere for a bride.

“Very well my thane,” she replies, and then her lips quirk. “The Companions?” she asks. She worked out about the Circle some time ago.

“Will probably work it out. They might even approve – if we can keep it hidden.”

She takes out her bow. “I hope that Stormcloak realises how lucky he is you hate the Thalmor so.”

I chuckle. “Probably not. His kind never are – but it should help avoid suspicions when we visit Windhelm.”

She does not say anything. It gives her a reason she understands, and it has the advantage of being true. “I am ready my Thane.”

“Good.” I grin as I start to release the chaos within – time for some fun.



For a while in Skyrim I had a problem – working out why my character was going to rescue Thorald Grey-mane from the clutches of the Thalmor, so I put off doing so. The above passage is more or less my justification and the methods by which they are accomplished. I present it as the example of the sort of internal story I find I am telling myself as I continue to play through the game. It is just one reason I find it so compelling.



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