Personal: Blogiversary

One year ago I started this blog. I was inspired by the New Blogger Initiative that was Syp’s creation, and I am moderately stunned I am successfully writing still a year later. Various folk have marked the one-year anniversary of the NBI. Wilhelm, AvatarsofSteel, Ravanel, all have good fact-filled posts, and I recommend them to you.

I was something of a later entry to the NBI – it took me almost two weeks to actually make my mind up to start. The reason for that is this was my third attempt at a blog, the first two falling by the wayside. The reason why this one has continued is no doubt that the NBI gave me one thing I previously lacked: focus. This is and remains primarily a blog about my computer gaming. An additional reason would be that, some weeks before starting this blog, I started playing World of Tanks, which has provided me with plenty to write about. It continues to do so today.

Of course, one rather significant event has happened in my life this past year – the birth of my daughter, Melian. This has had some practical consequences for my gaming – chief of which is that I have essentially stopped playing EVE Online. Given I am often operating in the circumstance that I might have to leave my computer at any moment single-player games that I can pause, or games like LOTRO or World of Tanks with little sense of loss, have come to the fore. Likewise World of Tanks does not require any great thought. One of the things that also attracted me to EVE Online was its intellectual depth, but I find now I do not have the energy, and also EVE Online is not a game really conducive to suddenly leaving the computer. A very good way to die.

Does this mean EVE is no longer part of my life? Hardly. While I am no longer actively playing EVE Online, in part at least due to Melian’s arrival, Melian’s mere existence means that EVE is never far away. After all, without EVE Online my wife and I would never have met, and so without EVE there would be no Melian. One day perhaps we will be able to introduce our daughter to this world, and try to explain to her how the creation of a few crazy Icelanders is so important in her life story.

Certainly at some point I wish to share with Melian my love of gaming, to play computer games with her and alongside her. There is a concept in Danish – hygge – which has no translation into English. Sometimes it is described as a sense of cosiness, but really that hardly does the idea justice. It can be spending an afternoon with your loved ones, having a good dinner, enjoying a summer family walk, seeing an old friend for the first time in years – all these and more are encompassed. It is a sense of both the ordinary, and how special the ordinary can be. I also believe the concept can extend beyond the physical, and I think it would be very hygge if Melian, my wife, and I were all playing the same game together one day.

Dreaming aside, I do have hopes for this blog for the coming year. Firstly I hope to continue writing. I hope to perhaps include some more book reviews, if only as a way of helping me think about what I read. I also hope at some point to continue writing the tale of my continuing recovery from suicidal depression, but they have proven very difficult to write indeed. Mostly though I hope to continue to have fun.

With that in mind, very many thanks to all those have contributed to this being a fun endeavour, especially all of you who have left comments and linked here. I would name names, but I don’t want to overlook anyone! At the end of the day this remains a very niche blog – I reckon I have half a dozen or so regular readers and perhaps 10-20 more occasional readers – but then a large readership was never an aim.

Here’s hoping to another year.

  1. Gaming and kids…LOTRO is great in solo mode…start teaming up and it can be real stressful when wife hands you the baby!
    Congrats 1 year in and still going strong…I have 10 days until my blogging bday!
    I like your Danish insertion of hygge…I miss Denmark…was there for 10 years…!

    Keep on Blogging 🙂

    • I miss Denmark – even though I have never actually lived there. One just cannot acquire rugbrød or leverpostej over here. Or Remoulade. Min svigemore brings over some rugbrød whenever she comes to visit though – and it is much welcomed!

      • I dream of rugbrød…we have a Scandinavian team at work and we all occasionally eat at the only really ‘authentic’ Danish eatery in Buenos Aires…nice but just not the same. It’s above the Danish Embassy if you ever need to know!

      • Where do you live then?
        Nothing as irritating as a nosey hobbit!
        Actually hungry hobbits are far more irritating…

      • I live in the south-west of England.

        Hungry hobbits, nosey hobbits – been doing the pie/postal deeds recently by any chance? 😀

      • May be heading back to GB in next few years…best friend is just outside Bath! Or may take family to Denmark…if I can get them through immigration!

        Yeah…Post run happening slowly at the moment! I avoid pies!

    • Thank you – and thank you for all your support!

  2. Bernard said:

    years are clearly too short as that year flew by real fast.
    Here’s to more!

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