WoT (EU): Military Parade Special

Sixty-eight years ago this week the war in Europe ended (on the 7th, 8th, or 9th May, depending on your nationalistic or ideological preferences). The special offer this weekend is designed to celebrate this – and it is a true celebration. This is a true blockbuster offer, in many respects grander than even the 2nd Anniversary Special. The offer looks pretty much identical to that being offered on the NA server. Like most EU specials this one runs from Saturday morning to Tuesday morning. There is also a special bonus code associated with the special, which grants a single day of premium account plus a bunch of the crew quality enhancing premium consumables.

So let us get onto the offer itself. To start with the first victory on each vehicle will give a x5 experience bonus – very useful for though research grinds, but it also injects a quick burst into crew skill training. This is something everyone can enjoy

For the highest-tier tanks however there are further bonuses in regards to crew experience. All Tier X tanks and tank destroyers and Tier VIII SPGs will enjoy triple crew experience each battle, and all Tier IX tanks and tank destroyers and Tier VII SPGs will benefit from double crew experience. This is a great bonus aimed squarely at the more veteran players, especially since they will often have crews working on their third or fourth crew skill where the grind is very pronounced.

Players who avoid the very top-tier tanks are not left out however. All Tier VIII tanks and tank destroyers and Tier VI SPGs can be purchased at a 30% discount; and all Tier VII tanks and tank destroyers have a 50% earnings bonus. I will definitely be happy playing the Jagdpanther this weekend.

Looking at the regular tanks involved however I have never seen an offer this top-heavy before. No non-SPG Tier VI or below is involved. Another way of thinking about that is every regular Tier VII and above vehicle is involved in one element of this offer. Truly stunning. I am quite specific saying regular vehicles, however, as there is a whole section on this offer for premium vehicles.

Firstly all Tier VIII premiums are available at a 15% discount. To give some idea that means that the ever-popular Löwe will end up being 10,625 gold, or the T26E4 Superpershing should be 6,120 gold. Generally very useful for earnings credits and training crews. I know I love my KV-5 (which is no longer available in the store). However, this is not all. A selection of Tier III, IV, and V premium tanks are available at a 50% discount. Some of these tanks I already own, and some of them I most likely will get. However, why acquire a lower-tier premium? Generally they do not have a credit bonus like the higher tier premium tanks do, but they do generally have very low repair and ammo costs, so you do earn more credits than you otherwise would. In addition you can use them to help train your crews – in part at least by exposing the crews to a second first victory of the day bonus. Finally some of them are just interesting to play. This is also a section of the offer I think aimed somewhat at newer players, trying to entice them into acquiring their first premiums for relatively little real-world money For most of this offer I have not bothered listing tanks (too many) but I will do here with what the discounted price in gold will be, and also my brief opinion on them.

The tanks I own are the Valentine II (Soviet Tier IV Light – 500), which is really a heavy tank. It has superb armour for its tier, and preferential matchmaking – it only sees Tier IV battles. Its firepower is a bit anaemic however and it has trouble against the better armoured Tier IV opponents (not least itself!). The Matilda IV (Soviet Tier V Medium – 750) is also fairly well armoured, and packs a better punch. It is slow however, so again it is more like a heavy in playstyle. The Churchill III (Soviet Tier V Heavy –  750) is a very fast-firing, well armoured beastie. It will see Tier VI battles, but not Tier VII. The gun does not do all that much damage, but it fires so quickly you can quickly reduce an enemy. Don’t believe the frontal armour stat (176mm) however – it only applies to one area of the front, most of the rest is thinner, though still good for its tier. Finally I also own the T-25 (German Tier V Medium – 750), a fast tank that looks something like a pyramid on tracks. The armour is not great, but the sloped nature makes it tougher than it looks, and it has better gun depression than most German mediums.

The ones I do not own are the T-127 (Soviet Tier III Light – 425), FCM36 PaK40 (French Tier III TD – 425), 105 leFH18B2 (French Tier IV SPG – 750), Matilda Black Prince (UK Tier V Medium – 875), Pz S35 739f (German Tier III Medium – 500), ), T-15 (German Tier III Light – 450), Ram-II (USA Tier V Medium – 875), and T14 (USA Tier V Heavy – 750).

This is not the end of the offer however, as there is lots more available at a 50% discount – all equipment, all regular and premium consumables (bought with both gold and credits), garage slots, crew training, crew skill resets, camouflages and emblems. Indeed, the only three things I can think of that are not included in this offer are premium ammunition, barracks enlargements and crew demographics. In particular this is the first time that premium consumables appear to be on offer for credit purchase, so time to spend some silver acquiring some. Also a good time to outfit any tanks – especially any premiums acquired in the offer too!

Finally some premium account bundles are also on offer. At the bottom end the 3 and 7 day bundles are discounted, but more importantly for long term players the six month bundle (180 days) is at a 15% discount. Now on the NA server the one-year (360 days) bundle is also on a 15% discount. I do not know if this is a difference between the offer for the two servers, or an oversight on the part of the EU team. Either way now is a good time for people who are sure in themselves to be playing the game often for an extended period of time to get that premium bonus.

Phew, that is that. As I said, it is a huge offer, with lots for everyone – even though there is nothing low/low-middle tier available for regular tanks, there is still lots for everyone. Really, just enjoy the weekend.


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