WoT (EU): Walter Christie Birthday special

This weekend’s special offer is in honour of Walter Christie. Before I started playing World of Tanks I think I had heard the name, but knew nothing else. Since then – in large part because of a similar offer this time last year – I have learned that he developed a new type of suspension that helped revolutionise tank warfare. The offer this weekend is based around those tanks which used the Christie suspension, or whose development owes great debts to it. There are a lot of tanks involved in this offer, and they form three groups.

The first group of tanks are available at a 50% discount and have an 80% earnings bonus. They are the SU-85, Crusader, T49, SU-100, and Cromwell. The SU-85 I have recently acquired and will definitely seek to get some games in to take advantage of it. The T49 is well-known as being a sort of scout-TD hybrid, and my understanding is that the Cromwell has a good reputation though I have no experience of it.

Next we get three Tier VII vehicles at a 30% discount with a 30% earnings bonus: the Comet, T-34-1, and SU-100M1. I really cannot comment on the quality of these vehicles, as I have yet to play them. Generally I rarely encounter the SU-100M1, and cannot remember much about the Comet. The Chinese T-34-1 can be a tricky opponent at times, though I have also killed my fair share.

Finally a bunch of lower tier tanks have an 80% earnings bonus: BT-2, Cruiser Mk III, BT-7, Cruiser Mk IV, T-46, A-20, and Covenanter. Will definitely take out my Cruiser Mk III for a spin as well, but I doubt the bonus will tempt me to take the A-20 on a last hurrah. In general though these are all fun tanks, though I have yet to play the Covenanter.

The most obvious tank not involved in this offer is the T-34 itself, but that tank and its immediate successor, the T-34-85, is involved in the Tank of the Month special offer and no doubt that is the reason for their exclusion.

There are a few non-tank elements to the offer. Firstly each Invader medal earned will accrue a fifteen thousand credit reward. Three and seven day premium options are available at a discount. Last, but far from least, we have another double crew experience weekend – which I like very much!

Overall this is a great offer, with a clear theme and tanks from every tier from II to VII. French or German are not included as it does not fit in the theme. Christie, despite being American, is one of those inventors not appreciated in his own country (though a line of his US prototypes is due to enter the game “sometime”), which is why there is only one US entry. I am sure there will be more than enough options on all tanks in next weekend’s Victory Parade offer. This offer runs the standard Saturday morning to Tuesday morning. Final verdict is a solid A.

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