LOTRO: A new horse at last!

In the patch that occurred a few days ago Turbine did add a few new rewards to the anniversary festival, and extended it a few days. The only thing I really cared about however was getting the new horse – which I managed to do this evening. New horsie!

Essentially I imagine one of two scenarios. The first is that Turbine planned things this way, including no new rewards initially and then releasing them part-way through to generate extra interest in the latter part of the festival, and co-incidentally also showing how responsive they are to their customers’ concerns. The second scenario is that they suddenly realised they had some upset customers, and scrambled to put some new rewards together, and then extended the festival to allow folks the time to get the tokens.

A good rule for life is never attribute to malice that which can be explained by incompetence, and I must say I rather suspect the second option is what happened here. The first option sounds just too contrived – a bit too much New Coke.

So I now have that which I want out of an Anniversary Festival, but my concerns that there might not be that many more anniversaries remain.

  1. Bernard said:

    as long as servers don’t get consolidated into a lesser number of servers I think we’re safe about amount of anniversaries yet to come. Things can change quickly of course.
    Licencing… well, thanks to The Hobbit Lotro is current again so who knows.

    • It is the licensing that I am concerned about – relations between the Tolkien estate and Warner Bros. are not as good as they could be.

      • Bernard said:

        we can only wait as it’s not in our hands, I’m afraid.

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